About Bordering Aging, Bordering Care

Bordering Aging, Bordering Care is a comparative examination of welfare state policies that control and “border” aging immigrants who seek to join families living in Canada and Europe

This research will help to fill a significant gap in feminist theories and analyses of global care and offer timely information to policy debates.


Our approach is to create detailed case studies that allow for comparisons across jurisdictions in Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Belgium (Flanders and Brussels) and Norway. Looking for promising policy alternatives, we aim to identify welfare state approaches that offer a higher level of care security to immigrant families.


  1. To investigate and compare the regulatory frameworks affecting older migrants and their families (including border controls, immigration and social welfare programs)
  2. To further develop theoretical frameworks of global care arrangements in light of welfare state policies, aging populations and bordering practices
  3. To provide evidence for the development of policies and programs that foster immigrant families’ care security in light of population aging

The Research Team


From the Care Work, Aging and Health Lab

Portrait of Susan Braedley

Susan Braedley

Principal Investigator

Portrait of Lauren Brooks-Cleator

Lauren Brooks-Cleator

Research Assistant

Portrait of Janna Klosterman

Janna Klosterman

Research Assistant

Portrait of Alyssa Schenk

Alyssa Schenk

Research Assistant

Other Team Members

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