Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Janet Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University), Seniors: Adding Years to Life (SALTY) addresses the health system’s current failure to secure quality of life and care for older adults living in long term care residences.

Despite the fact that long terms care residences are home for many older adults in the last stages of their life journeys, these facilities remain highly institutionalized and hospital-like settings.

SALTY’s work will build a body of evidence on clinical and social approaches that add quality to late life for residents in LTC in different jurisdictions.

We aim to determine how LTC facilities can best provide care in a person’s last days, months and years of life, in terms of both clinical needs and social needs such as support, meaningful engagement and relationships.

Project Streams

Stream 1
Monitor care practices

What are appropriate approaches to longitudinal monitoring of care quality and outcome measures during late life for older adults in residential LTC facilities?

Stream 2
Map care relationships

What are promising relational approaches to care in LTC? How do highly promising approaches to late life in LTC enhance quality care at the level of care relationships?

Stream 3
Evaluate innovative practice

Can we successfully implement, evaluate and scale an internationally acclaimed care innovation designed to improve end of life care in LTC facilities?

Stream 4
Examine policy context

What policies support or offer barriers for promising approaches to quality of late life in LTC?

The Research Team


From the Care Work, Aging and Health Lab

Portrait of Susan Braedley

Susan Braedley


Stream 2 Team Member

Other Team Members

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Dr. Janet Keefe

Principal Investigator
York University

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Dr. Tamara Daly

Stream 2 Leader
York University

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Dr. Ivy Bourgeault

Stream 2 Leader
University of Ottawa

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