Tao (Toby) Zeng

Adjunct Research Professor
Department of Chemistry
Carleton University
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Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
York University

Education, Research, and Work Experience

Title Period Institute, Research Focus, and Supervisors
Assistant Professor 2019.7-present Department of Chemistry, York University
Adjunct Research Professor 2019.7- present Department of Chemistry, Carleton University
Assistant Professor 2015.7-2019.6 Department of Chemistry, Carleton University
Postdoc 2013.7-2015.6 Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University
Theoretical investigations in organic photovoltaics and radical chemistry
Professor Nandini Ananth and Professor Roald Hoffmann
Postdoc 2011.1-2013.6 Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo
Theoretical investigations in molecular spectroscopy and microscopic superfluidity
Professor Pierre-Nicholas Roy
PhD 2005.9-2010.11 Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta
Relativistic model core potentials development and theoretical study of spin-orbit coupling effects in chemistry
Professor Mariusz Klobukowski
MSc 2002.9-2005.6 Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Theoretical study of CO adsorption on catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Professor Haijun Jiao
BSc 1998.9-2002.7 Department of Chemistry, Jinan University
Undergraduate research: development of heteopolyacid catalyst for ester synthesis under the supervision of Professor Yuanming Zhang

Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards

NSERC Discovery Grant 2016-present
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013-2015
John Charles Polanyi Prize 2012
MRI-Ontario Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011-2013
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011-2013
Governor General of Canada’s Gold Medal 2011
Ralph Steinhauer Award of Distinction 2010
Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize 2009
Honorary Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship 2007
Alberta Ingenuity Student Scholarship 2006-2010
Excellent Master Graduate Student of Shanxi Province 2005
Excellent Student Award of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2003
Excellent Graduate of Jinan University 2002