Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering!

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers some of the most dynamic, innovative and cross-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs in Canada leading to Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in both Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

The Department recently introduced a new program, a BEng in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability, which provides a unique, innovative focus on sustainable development and heritage conservation. With increased awareness of the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability, expertise in sustainable green building design and heritage conservation is now in high demand. Skilled civil and environmental engineers apply their knowledge in sustainability to the design and retrofit of both new and existing buildings, considering areas such as life cycle costs, impacts of selected materials, and energy needs and consumption. They also bring their expertise to the burgeoning field of conservation, as more buildings receive various levels of heritage designation and are in need of repair and adaptation. This new innovative program provides students with the opportunity to study within a first-class engineering faculty as well as be enriched by the program’s close association with Carleton’s well-known Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism.

In recognition of the importance of protection our Nation’s critical infrastructure and given our location in the Nation’s capital, the Department recently established a Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security (MIPIS). In collaboration with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, MIPIS is designed to offer students a cross-disciplinary understanding of critical infrastructure protection (CIP) challenges. Students with an engineering background, in addition to specializing in infrastructure engineering design, mitigation, and management, will take courses in national security policy, CIP risk management, intelligence and terrorism. Students with a policy background will reinforce their national security policy, intelligence, and terrorism expertise with an understanding of infrastructure engineering design and mitigation. This unique program is another example of how the Department is focused on developing programs that meet industry demand.

The Department has an intensive research enterprise including an NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety Engineering and a Canada Research Chair in the Analysis and Management of Risk Associated with Civil Engineering Applications and Practices, and a Canada Research Chair in Wastewater Treatment Engineering.