The Joint Institute courses are graduate courses, usually taught at the University of Ottawa. The list of these University of Ottawa courses and course outlines can be obtained from the Departments of Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa.

Civil Engineering

CIVE 5101 Solid Mechanics
CIVE 5102 Advanced Elasticity
CIVE 5103 Finite Element Analysis I
CIVE 5104 Earthquake Engineering and Analysis
CIVE 5105 Finite Element Analysis II
CIVE 5106 Dynamics of Structures
CIVE 5107 Finite Elements in Field Problems
CIVE 5200 Masonry Behaviour and Design
CIVE 5203 Theory of Structural Stability
CIVE 5204 Advanced Steel Structures
CIVE 5205 Advanced Structural Analysis
CIVE 5206 Prestressed Concrete
CIVE 5208 Advanced Reinforced Concrete
CIVE 5209 Geotechnical Case Studies
CIVE 5300 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CIVE 5303 Pavements and Materials
CIVE 5304 Intercity Transportation
CIVE 5305 Traffic Engineering
CIVE 5306 Highway Materials
CIVE 5307 Urban Transportation Planning and Management
CIVE 5308 Geometric Design
CIVE 5309 Transportation Supply
CIVE 5401 Transportation Economics
CIVE 5402 Transportation Terminals
CIVE 5403 Airport Planning
CIVE 5404 Introduction to Infrastructure Management
CIVE 5500 Earth Retaining Structures
CIVE 5501 Advanced Foundation Engineering
CIVE 5502 In-Situ Geotechnique
CIVE 5503 Numerical Methods in Geomechanics
CIVE 5504 Seepage Through Soils
CIVE 5505 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
CIVE 5507 Blast Load Effects on Structures
CIVE 5600 Project Management
CIVE 5601 Engineering, Statistics, and Probabilities
CIVE 5602  Advanced Computer Aided Design
CIVE 5603 Advanced Building Characterization, Conservation and Rehabilitation
CIVE 5605 Design of Steel Bridges
CIVE 5606 Design of Concrete Bridges
CIVE 5607 Introduction to Bridge Design
CIVE 5609 Fundamentals of Fire Protection Engineering
CIVE 5610 Fire Dynamics I
CIVE 5611 People in Fires
CIVE 5612 Fire Modeling
CIVE 5613 Fire Dynamics II
CIVE 5614 Design for Fire Resistance
CIVE 5615 Fire Behaviour of Materials
CIVE 5616 Wood Structures and Fire
CIVE 5617 Intro to Practical Applications of Fire Protection
CIVE 5705–5709 Special Topics in Structures — see specific numbers below
-CIVE 5705 Project Management for Existing Building Rehabilitation
CIVE 5706 Advanced Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete
-CIVE 5707 Energy Modelling for Existing Building 
-CIVE 5708 Building Energy Management and Optimization 
CIVE 5709 Building Enclosure Design
CIVE 5800–5804 (Special Topics in Geotechnique)
CIVE 5801 Fundamentals of Geomechanics
CIVE 5805–5809 (Special Topics in Transportation — see specific numbers)
-CIVE 5805 Transportation and Aviation Security
CIVE 5806 Advanced Pavement Engineering and Management
-CIVE 5807 Railway Transportation in the 21st Century
-CIVE 5808 Transportation network analysis
CIVE 5809 Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
CIVE 5810 Introduction to Practical Applications of Fire Protection

Environmental Engineering

ENVE 5001 Biofilm Processes
ENVE 5003 Advanced Ultraviolet Processes
ENVE 5004 Advanced Wastewater Treatment
ENVE 5101 Air Pollution Control
ENVE 5102 Traffic-related Air Pollution
ENVE 5103 Air Quality Modelling
ENVE 5104 Indoor Environment Quality
ENVE 5105  Atmospheric Aerosols
ENVE 5106 Atmospheric Chemical Transport Modelling
ENVE 5200 Climate Change and Engineering
ENVE 5201 Geo-Environmental Engineering
ENVE 5203 Hazardous and Radioactive Waste
ENVE 5204 Resource Industry Waste Management
ENVE 5205 Sludge Treatment and Disposal
ENVE 5301 Contaminant Hydrogeology
ENVE 5302 Case Studies in Hydrogeology
ENVE 5303 Multiphase Flow in Soils
ENVE 5204 Resource Industry Waste Management
ENVE 5401 Environmental Impacts of Major Projects
ENVE 5402 Finite Elements in Field Problems
ENVE 5701–5705 (Special Topics in Environmental Engineering — see specific numbers)
ENVE 5701 Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Futures
ENVE 5702 Energy Development and the Critical Zone
ENVE 5703 Radiative Transfer and Remote Sensing
ENVE 5704 Research Methods for Building Energy
-ENVE 5705 Atmospheric Aerosols

-ENVE 5706 Data Analytics for Buildings

Courses With Specific Requirements

CIVE 5900 or ENVE 5900 (the Master’s project — requires continuous registration)
CIVE 5906 and CIVE 5907 or ENVE 5906 and ENVE 5907 (two directed studies per program — these courses require special permission; the form is available in 3452ME from the graduate administrator)
CIVE 5909 or ENVE 5909 (the Master’s thesis — requires continuous registration)
CIVE 6909 or ENVE 6909 (the Doctoral thesis — requires continuous registration)
ENVE 5800 or ENVE 7800 (Master’s and Ph.D. respectively. This is the course for the seminar series.  Civil Engineering students will also need to participate in the Civil Engineering Seminar series. You will learn the requirements at the orientation session at the beginning of the academic year. You must fulfill these requirements in order to graduate.)