Please ensure that your records are up to date.
It is your responsibility to make changes at Carleton Central. The university will always contact you by email using your connect account. If you prefer to use a different email account, please make sure that your connect email account is forwarded to the email you use.

Calendar Regulations
It is your responsibility to read the regulations in the appropriate calendar. The graduate calendar is located here.

Graduate students, please remember to get permission from your supervisor before you register in any courses. Remember, registration in your project or thesis requires continuous registration once you have started. If this is a problem, you must discuss this with your supervisor and the departmental graduate supervisor.

Graduate students who have permission from their supervisor(s) to register in CEE undergraduate courses, must fill in a “Registration Override Request” form which is found on-line here.


Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations must register with the PaulMenton Centre for Students with Disabilities for a formal evaluation of disability-related needs. Registered PMC students are required to contact the centre, 613-520-6608, every term no later than two weeks before the first assignment is due or the first in-class test/midterm requiring accommodations.