Please download and fill the appropriate form and forward it to the graduate adminsitrator of the department. These files are available in PDF format, and you will need a viewer to view and/or print the files. You can download a free viewer , if you already don’t have one installed in your computer.

Registration Change Form Request
Registration change form must be filled, and approved by your department. Types of requests include: registration in a course(s) after the registration period, withdrawal from a course(s) after the withdrawal deadline, waiver of late registration, and withdrawal from thesis/project for refund purposes only which must be within the refund period for program completion.

Academic Change Form Request
Academic change form must be filled, and approved by your supervisor (or advisor). Types of requests include:

  • Extension of Time: The normal times for completion are provided in the Graduate Calendar; a Master’s program is two years, and a Doctoral program is six years. If you require more time, you should make a request using this form.
  • Status change: Use this form to request changes to your status at Carleton, e.g. Full-time to Part-time. Changes in status are permitted only under special circumstances as outlined in the calendar.
  • Leave of Absence: All students must maintain continuous registration once they have registered in their thesis or project. Exceptions can only be considered upon receipt of a Leave of Absence request. Prior to first registration in a thesis or project, all students must register at least once in a calendar year. Failure to do so could result in an automatic withdrawal from the program.
  • Reinstatement for a term: You must apply for a reinstatement if you failed to observe continuous registration requirements, and now wish to continue your studies.

Course Approval Request form
Courses taken outside the Civil or Environmental institute requires approval by the advisor/supervisor, the Civil or Environmental director/associate director of the institutes, and the departmental Associate Chair. It is highly recommended that course approval requests are done prior to the beginning of the term.

Course overload request form

Thesis policy form

Directed Studies
A directed studies agreement must be signed by the student, instructor, and the Chair of the department prior to the last day for registration in order for a directed studies course to be counted toward the requirements of the program.

Program Change
Any requests to change your current registration must be made on this form. This may include changes from a Master’s program to the Doctoral program, or changes within the Master’s program, such as switching from a course work M.Eng. program to project M.Eng.

Request to Audit a Course

Forms are available on the student forms section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research web site.