The annual John Adjeleian lecture has been established to honour late Professor John Adjeleian, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at Carleton University, for his outstanding contributions to the University and to the profession of civil engineering.

Professor Adjeleian joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1975 as a professor of civil engineering and served as its Chair from 1976 to 1982. He is the founder of the structural consulting firm, Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Ltd. Incorporated in 1955, the firm has provided engineering services for over 3000 engineering projects including many that are known for their outstanding structural design, such as, the Fathers of Confederation Memorial Building in Prince Edward Island, National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and the SkyDome in Toronto.

This annual lecture celebrates the standard of excellence exemplified by Professor Adjeleian. Lectures in the series highlight the outstanding achievements in professional practice, education and research that have advanced the field of civil engineering.

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