Photo of Onita Basu

Onita Basu

Professor in Environmental Engineering

Degrees:B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (British Columbia), Ph.D. (Waterloo), P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2231
Office:2366 (Mackenzie)
Website:See my personal website

Prof. Basu’s mailbox is located in room 3432 C.J. Mackenzie Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada

Teaching Assignment 2021-2022

  • ENVE3001 Water Treatment Principles and Design
  • ENVE4918 Design Project

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • CIVE4407 Municipal Engineering
  • CIVE4907 Engineering Project
  • CIVE/ENVE4918 Design Project
  • ECOR4995 Professional Practice
  • ENVE2001 Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering
  • ENVE3001 Water Treatment Principles and Design
  • ENVE4104 Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment
  • ENVE4907 Engineering Project
  • ENVE4907 Disinfection Byproduct Control with Biological Treatment
  • ENVE4907 Assessment of Peracetic Acid for Wastewater Disinfection
  • ENVE4907 Alternative Sludge Treatment Options: Concrete Production
  • ENVE4907 Dechlorination Chemistry and Rates of Reaction
  • ENVE4907 Impact of pH on Enhanced Coagulation
  • ENVE4918 Design Project
  • ENVE5701 Filtration and Membrane in Water Treatment
  • ENVE5704 Unit Operations of Water Treatment (also as ENVJ5901)

Research Interests

Professor Basu’s research in water and wastewater examines the impact of integrated processes in dynamic systems, this includes research with filtration/membrane-bioreactor systems, treatment of high ammonia loadings on plant performance and biological versus physical removal of recalcitrant organics, including personal care products and pharmaceuticals, in wastewater.

Research Team

Mohammad Alresheedi Ph.D. (2019)
Sara Jamaliniya MENG (project) (2018)
Nour Al-Ghussain M.A.Sc. (2018)
Hamideh Pirouz Hamidi M.A.Sc. (In Prog.)
Ashley Piché M.A.Sc. (2019)
Saumya Suresh M.A.Sc. (2019)
Robbie Venis M.A.Sc. (In Prog.)
Celia Lee Charron M.A.Sc. (2016) Case Study of a Multi-Stage Filtration System for Remote and Northern Communities in Canada
Sarra Ikhlef M.A.Sc. (2016) Backwash Optimization for Drinking Water Treatment Biological Filters
Sharon Boxall M.Eng. (Project) (2015)
Sahil Dhawan M.A.Sc. (2015)
Maryam Mohammadzadeh M.Eng. (Project) (2015)
Mohammad Alresheedi M.A.Sc. (2013) Influence of support media on membrane fouling reduction of water with different organic and inorganic matter content
Oliver Szymczyk M.Eng. (Project) (2013) (co-supervised with Dr. E. Sherwood)
Nigel De Souza M.A.Sc. (2012) An Investigation of physical cleaning operations for fouling attenuation of hollow fiber membranes in drinking water treatment.
Miaoyi Yan M.A.Sc. (2012) Comparative Study of Wastewater Disinfection By-product Formation during Wastewater Disinfection by Peracetic Acid versus Sodium Hypochlorite
Ravindren Krishnasamy M.Eng. (Project) (2010) Slow Sand Filtration in Cold Temperatures
Shanta Chakrovortty M.Eng. (Project) (2008) Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Trace Organic Compounds
Bhagya Nishanie Weerasinghe M.A.Sc. (2008) Dechlorination Kinetics and Toxicity Impacts of Various Dechlorination Chemicals in Water
Allan James MacDonald M.A.Sc. (2007) Solids Handling Optimization at a Small Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant