Photo of George V. Hadjisophocleous

George V. Hadjisophocleous

Professor in Fire Safety Engineering

Degrees:B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) University of New Brunswick, FSFPE, P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5801
Office:3454 (Mackenzie)
Website:visit the fire safety engineering website

Prof. Hadjisophocleous’ mailbox is located in room 3432 C.J. Mackenzie Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada

Teaching Assignments 2020-2021

  • ECOR3800 Engineering Economics
  • CIVE5609 / IPIS5504 Fundamentals of Fire Safety Engineering
  • CIVE 4918 Design Project

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • CIVE2700 Civil Engineering Materials
  • CIVE5612 Fire Modelling (previously taught as CIVE5802)

Research Interests

Fire modelling, smoke management, effectiveness of smoke exhaust systems, design fires, fire risk analysis, performance based codes.


Numerical Modelling of LPG Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks Subjected to Heating Environments (doctoral)
Numerical Studies of Free Convective Flows (master’s)

Professional History

  • 2001 – present Professor and past Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety Engineering, Carleton University.
  • 1989 – 2001 Senior Research Officer and Group Leader, Fire Risk Management Program, Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada.
  • 1990 – 2001 Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick.
  • 1987 Lecturer and Research Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick.

Honours and Awards

  • 2009-2012 Conjoint Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • 2012 Best Paper of the International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security in New York for his paper on experimental results on the heat release rate of railcar fires
  • 2006-2011 NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety Engineering.
  • 2004 Elected Fellow of Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).
  • 2002 Ontario Innovation Trust grant for new Fire Research Facility.
  • 2002 Canada Foundation for Innovation grant for new Fire Research Facility.
  • 2001-2005 NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety Engineering.
  • 1998 SFPE Honor Lecturer.
  • 1998 ASHRAE, Best Symposium Paper Award.
  • 1994 SFPE Invited Speaker.
  • 1994 IRC Outstanding Achievement Award, given to the NFL’s Risk-Cost Assessment Team.

Research Associates

Xia Zhang

Research Team

Marc Alam Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Name withheld M.Eng. Project (In Prog.) with Dr. J. Gales
Name withheld Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Okunrounmu, Oluwadamilola M.A.Sc. (2019)
Name withheld Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Sabah Ali Ph.D. (2016) Fire Performance of Hybrid Timber Connections
Christian Dagenais Ph.D. (2016) Assessing the Fire-Resistance of Cross-laminated Timber Floor Panel-to-Panel Joints
Mike Rushton M.Eng. (Project) (2016)
Samuel Amankwah Boadi M.A.Sc. (2015)
Armin Eslami M.A.Sc. (2015) (co-supervised by Adjunct Research Professor Dr. Nightingale)
Xiao Li Ph.D. (2015) Modeling of Barrier Failure and Fire Spread in CUrisk
Alejandro R. Medina Hevia M.A.Sc. (2015)
Amir Rafinazari Ph.D. (2015)
Matthew Turco M.A.Sc. (2015)
Aaron Akotuah Ohene M.A.Sc. (2014) Modelling the Fire Performance of Hybrid Steel-Timber Connections (co-supervised with Dr. J. Erochko)
Sherine Ali M.Eng. Project (2014)
Ping Rao M.A.Sc (2014) Fire Risk Analysis of Combustible and Noncombustible Midrise Residential
Buildings using CUrisk
Marc Aguanno M.A.Sc. (2013) Fire Resistance Tests on Cross-Laminated Timber Floor Panels: an experimental and numerical analysis
Paul Lhotsky Ph.D. (2013) Ability of Compressed-Air Foam to Absorb Heat and Mitigate the Gas Propagation
Cameron McGregor M.A.Sc. (2013) Contribution of Cross Laminated Timber Panels to Room Fires
Hossam Shalabi M.Eng. (Project) (2013)
Hugo Messier M.Eng. (Project) (2012)
Naki Ocran M.A.Sc. (2012) Fire Loads and Design Fires for Mid-Rise Buildings (co-supervised with Dr. E. Zalok)
Osama Salem Ph.D. (2012) Structural Fire Performance of Beam-to-Column Moment Connections Joining Tubular Steel Members
Sheeba Vilakkathu Saidu M.Eng. (Project) (2012)
Yoon Jeoung Ko Ph.D. (2011) A study of the heat release rate of tunnel fires and the interaction between suppression and longitudinal air flows in tunnels
Michael Kruszelnicki M.Eng. (Project) (2011)
Hao Cheng  Ph.D. (2011) Modeling of fire spread in buildings and modeling of fire spread from the fire building to adjacent buildings
Lindsay Osborne M.A.Sc. (2011) The effects of floor area and opening area on the development of fires in residential dwellings
Susana D. Chui M.Eng. (Project) (2010) Comparison of Experiments conducted in an aircraft hangar with CFD fire model and calculations from first principles
Kyriaco Kyriakides Ph.D. (2010) Structural performance of historical monuments after fire attack
Xin Mou M.A.Sc. (2010) Quantitative fire risk analysis case study using CUrisk
Lei Peng Ph.D. (2010) Performance of heavy timber connections in fire
Kasey Plante M.Eng. (Project) (2010)
Steven Thomas Craft Ph.D. (2009) CUWoodFrame – a heat and mass transfer model for light-frame wood floors exposed to fire
Zhengrong Chen M.A.Sc. (2009) Design fires for motels and hotels
Ning Wang M.A.Sc. (2009) Prediction of heat transfer and probability of insulation failure in wood-framed walls
Richard Michels M.A.Sc. (2009) Development and calibration of a heat release rate measurement system for an experimental atrium
William Kuffner M.A.Sc. (2009) Method of determining smoke detector spacing in high ceiling applications
Roy Strickland M.Eng. (Project) (2008) Fire Safety Evaluation of Special Care Facilities
Yan Wang M.A.Sc. (2008) A Study of Smoke Movement in Multi-Storey Buildings Using Experiments and Computer Modelling
Jian Zhou M.A.Sc. (2007) Evaluation of Atrium Smoke Exhaust Make-up Air Velocity
Ehab Zalok Ph.D. (2006) Design Fires for Commercial Premises
Yoon Jeoung Ko M.A.Sc. (2006) CFD Study of Balcony Spill Plumes: Focused on the Balcony Area
Khalid Alnasser M.A.Sc. (2006) Mathematical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Industrial Crude Oil Tank during a Fire
Eman Elsayed Elewini M.A.Sc. (2006) Performance of Gypsum Board Exposed to Fire
Musaad Al-Duailej M.Eng. (2005) Analysis of Six Fire Experiments Conducted at Kemano Village (BC) by Forintek Canada Corp. in 2001
Chandra S. Juneja M.A.Sc. (2005) Analysis of Ontario Fires and Reliability of Active Fire Protection Systems
Dominic C. Esposito M.A.Sc. (2004) Economic Impact of Fires in Buildings
Derek F.H. Gruchy M.A.Sc. (2004) Modelling Occupant Evacuation during Fire Emergencies in Buildings