Photo of Yasser Hassan

Yasser Hassan

Professor in Transportation Engineering and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degrees:B.Sc., M.Sc. (Cairo University, Egypt), Ph.D. (Carleton University), P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8625
Office:Chair's Office 3434 Mackenzie Building
(Research Office 3442 Mackenzie Building)

Prof. Hassan’s mailbox is located in room 3432 C.J. Mackenzie Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada

Teaching Assignment 2019-2020

  • CIVE 4209 Highway Engineering
  • CIVE 4918 Design Project

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • ECOR 2606 Numerical Methods
  • ECOR 3800 Engineering Economics
  • CIVE 3304 Transportation Engineering and Planning
  • CIVE 4303 Urban Planning
  • CIVE 4400 Construction/Project Management
  • CIVE 5308 Highway Geometric Design

Research Interests

Modelling of roadway alignments; three-dimensional analysis; effect of driver perception and behaviour. Reducing collision risk through better design and consideration of human factors; design consistency and its relation to traffic safety, and probabilistic highway design.



• Member of Transportation Research Board Committee on Operational Effects of Geometrics (AHB65)
• Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
• Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Advances in Transportation Studies

Honours and Awards

  • 2003 – 2004 Research Achievement Award, Carleton University
  • 1997 Honourable Mention for the Keefer Medal for best paper, CSCE
  • 1996 The Keefer Medal for best paper, CSCE (Canadian Society for Civil Engineering)
  • 1994 The Earl Kee Award for best technical presentation by new authors in the 1994 annual conference of the CTAA (Canadian Technical Asphalt Association)

Graduate Students

Mohannad Al-Yamani Ph.D. (In Prog.), M.Eng. (Project) (2015)
Name withheld Ph.D. (In Prog.) with Dr. L. O’Brien
Mir Aamer Ali Ph.D. (In Prog.) co-supervised with Dr. Y. Hassan
Name withheld
Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Lackson Happy Kamisa MENG Project (2018)
Jordan Papazoglou MENG Project (2017)
Bashar Dhahir Ph.D.(2018)
Naga Haneesha Kanteti M.A.Sc. (2019)
Afshin Pakzadnia Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Eric Shaw M.Eng. (2017) co-supervised with Dr. A.O. Abd El Halim
Tahmina Sultana Ph.D. (In Prog.)
Fayez Alamry M.Eng. (Project) (2016)
Rudradattsinh Chudasama M.Eng. (Project) (2016)
Moustafa Awadalla M.A.Sc. (2015) co-supervised with Dr. A.O. Abd El Halim
Johnny Tse M.A.Sc. (2015) co-supervised with D. Patterson
Ahmed Salah Abdelnaby M.A.Sc. (2014) Probabilistic Analysis and Design of Freeway Deceleration Speed Change Lanes
Mohammed Al-Hussaini M.A.Sc. (2014) co-supervised with Dr. A.O. Abd El Halim
Ali Ihssian M.A.Sc. (2014)
Ali Kassim Ph.D. (2014) Innovative Techniques for Analyzing Cyclist Behaviour and Predicting Cyclist Safety
Amal Abdulsalam M.A.Sc. (2012) The Effect of Automated Speed Cameras on Fatal Traffic Collisions in Kuwait (co-supervised with Dr. A.O. Abd El Halim)
Tazeen Fatema M.A.Sc. (2012) Design of Freeway Speed Change Lanes Considering Acceleration and Gap Acceptance Behaviour
Mohsen Salehi M.A.Sc. (2010) Reliability-based Design of Freeway Acceleration Speed-Change Lanes
Stephen Norman Goodman Ph.D. (2009) Objective quantification of pavement frictional characteristics using digital image analysis
Dalia Galal Said Ph.D. (2008) Development of the Interrelationship between Driver Behaviour and Highway Design and Safety
Mohamed Eisa Sarhan Ph.D. (2008) Risk-based Approach in Highway Geometric Design
Ejiwunmi Olakunle Fajimi M.Eng. (Project) (2008) Driver Behaviour on Roundabouts
Letian Yang M.A.Sc. (2008) Driver Speed and Acceleration Behaviour on Canadian Roads
Leanna Belluz M.A.Sc. (2008) Analysis of Collision Trends and Safety Engineering Countermeasures on Canadian Roads
Bin Nie M.A.Sc. (2006) Effect of Horizontal Alignment on Driver Speed Behaviour on Different Road Classifications
Ramy Hussein A. Soliman El-Basha M.A.Sc. (2006) Driver Speed Behaviour on Freeway Deceleration Speed-Change Lanes
Aly Sherif Ph.D. (2005) Impact of Road Surface Temperature and Condition on the Risk of Winter Vehicle Collisions
Arun Kumar Singh M.Eng. Project (2005) Investigation of Mean Profile Depth of Asphalt Pavement Surfaces on Ottawa Roads
Monther Jamil M.Eng. Project (2005) Analysis of Friction Characteristics of Newly Resurfaced Roads in Ottawa
Mohammad Alauddin Ahammed M.A.Sc. (2005) Freeway Merging Behaviour and Safety of Acceleration Lanes: Field Study
Muhammad Imran M.A.Sc. (2005) Development of GPS-Based Procedure for Tracking Vehicle Path (co-supervised with Prof. Danny Patterson (Geography))
Liaquat-Ali Syed M.A.Sc. (2005) Experimental Investigation of Vehicle’s Lateral Acceleration on Highway Horizontal Curves
Muna Awatta M.A.Sc. (2004) Highway Design Consistency and Safety: Individual and Overall Evaluation Criteria
Mohamed Eisa Sarhan M.A.Sc. (2004) Safety Performance of Freeway Merge and Diverge Areas (co-supervised with Dr. A.O. Abd El Halim)
Peyman Misaghi M.A.Sc. (2003) Modelling Operating Speed and Speed Differential for Design Consistency Evaluation
Ossama E. M. Ramadan M.A.Sc. (2003) Development of a GIS-Based Safety Information System for Rural Highways (co-supervised with Prof. Danny Patterson (Geography))