Photo of Neal M. Holtz

Neal M. Holtz

Retired Faculty Member in Structural Engineering

Degrees:B.Sc. (Alberta), M.Eng. (TUNS), Ph.D. (Carnegie-Mellon)

Prof. Holtz retired on June 30, 2017.  He can be reached by email.

Teaching Assignments 2019-2020

  • CIVE3203 Introduction to Structural Analysis
  • CIVE3205 Design of Structural Steel Components

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • ECOR1101 Mechanics I
  • ECOR2606 Numerical Methods
  • CIVE1005 Introduction to Technology (taught as 77.213)
  • CIVE3203 Introduction to Structural Analysis
  • CIVE3204 Introduction to Structural Design
  • CIVE4200 Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures
  • CIVE4500 Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
  • CIVE4907 Engineering Project
  • CIVE4918 Design Project (also as CIVE4908)
  • CIVE5602 Advanced Computer-Aided Design

Research Interests

Application of object-oriented programming to engineering design; representation and use of building codes and design specifications in computer systems; application of hypertext and hypermedia systems to computer-aided design; information technology in Civil Engineering.

Graduate Students

Shervin Farzam Behboudi
M.A.Sc. (2009) A Model to Predict the Impact of Excusable and Non-excusable Delays on Selected Residential Construction Projects
Babak Ansari
M.A.Sc. (2003) Maintenance of Design Aids in Handbook of Steel Construction
Hasan Tahir Qureshi
M.A.Sc. (2002) Archival and Processing of Structural Health Monitoring Data
Frederick Milton Williams
M.Eng. (1994) A Design Standards Document Server
Alan John Glass
Ph.D. (1990) A System for Describing Design Artifacts Using the Knowledge Representation Technique of Frames
Douglas G. Stephenson
M.Eng. (1988) Design Standards Processing in Smalltalk
Steven M. Cornick
M.Eng. (1985) MASON: A Rule Based Damage Assessment System For Masonry Walls
Alan John Glass
M.Eng. (1984) Representation of Building Structures in a Computer Database