Photo of Jagmohan L. Humar

Jagmohan L. Humar

Distinguished Research Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. (Banaras Hindu U.), M.Tech. (IIT), Ph.D. (Carleton), F.C.A.E., F.C.S.C.E., F.E.I.C., P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5787
Office:7064 (Minto)

Prof. Humar’s mailbox is located in room 3432 C.J. Mackenzie Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada

CIVE5106 Dynamics of Structures

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • ECOR1101 Mechanics I
  • CIVE3204 Introduction to Structural Design
  • CIVE3205 Design of Structural Steel Components

Research Interests

Professor Jag Humar, who is a former Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton, served as the Chair of the Department for ten years from 1990 to 2000. After his retirement in 2003, the University appointed him Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor in recognition of his continued research activity and graduate supervision. He is internationally recognized for his research in the areas of structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. His book Dynamics of Structures was re-published in 2002. He has also authored over 120 journal and conference papers and is a former Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. He has been a special consultant for several outstanding civil engineering projects including the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa and the SkyDome in Toronto.

His current research is in dynamics of structures; response of structures to seismic ground motion; analysis of soil-structure interaction and dam-reservoir-foundation interaction under dynamic loading; dynamic response of bridges; computer-aided design and computer aided learning in civil engineering.


Development of National Code for earthquake resistant design.


  • Member of Editorial Board — International Journal Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (2008-present)
  • Member of Canadian Standing Committee on Earthquake Design (1995-present)
  • Member, Executive of Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering (2003-Present)

Honours and Awards

On June 3, 2005, Dr. Jagmohan (Jag) Humar, Distinguished Research Professor, was inducted as Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) at the CAE’s annual meeting in Calgary. CAE is an independent organization that serves the nation in matters of engineering concerns. The 310 Fellows of the Academy are professional engineers from all disciplines and are elected on the basis of their distinguished service and contribution to society, to the country, and to the profession. He has received several awards for his contributions, including Carleton’s awards for teaching excellence, research achievement, and the Davidson Dunton Lectureship and the Canadian Civil Engineering Society’s Gzowski Medal, Whitman Wright Award, and the A.B. Sanderson Award. He is a member of the Canadian National Committee on Earthquake Engineering, Vice President of the Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering, and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering and of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

  • 2003 Distinguished Research Professorship, Carleton University
  • 2003 A.B. Sanderson Award, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering for outstanding contribution to structural engineering in Canada
  • 2002 Chancellor’s Professorship, Carleton University
  • 2001 Whitman Wright Award, Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, for contributions to the development of computer applications in civil engineering
  • 2001 Honourable mention, Gzowski medal, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 2000 – 2001 Research Achievement Award, Carleton University
  • 1999 Honourable mention, Gzowski medal, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 1998 Davidson Dunton Lecturer, Carleton University
  • 1993 Fellowship, Engineering Institute of Canada
  • 1992 – 1993 Teaching Achievement Award, Carleton University
  • 1989 Gzowski Medal, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering for the best paper in the area of surveying, structural engineering and heavy construction.
  • 1987 Fellowship, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 1973 – 1974 Carleton Fellowship
  • 1972 – 1973 John Epstein Scholarship
  • 1971 – 1974 Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship

Research Team

Danesh Nourzadeh
Ph.D. (In Prog.) Response of Building Structure and its Components to Blast Loads (co-supervised with Dr. Abass Braimah)
Amir Tehranian
Ph.D. (In Prog.) Vibration-Based Structural Condition Assessment by Pattern Recognition with Time Series Analysis Using Field Monitoring Data of Bridges (co-supervised with Dr. D.T. Lau)
Pedram Mortazavi
M.A.Sc. (2014) The Effects of Diaphragm Flexibility on the Seismic Response of One-Storey Buildings (co-supervised with Dr. H.A. Khoo)
Farrokh Fazileh
Ph.D. (2011) Displacement-based seismic design of RC wall-frame buildings and asymmetric plan buildings
Amin Fereidooni
M.A.Sc. (2009) Wave Propagation Based Structural Health Monitoring
Amr Ahmed Salah Elrodesly
M.A.Sc. (2008) Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Buildings
Mohammad Ghorbanie Asl
Ph.D. (2007) Performance-Based Seismic Design of Building Structures
Hongpo Xu
Ph.D. (2006) Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Vibration-Based Damage Identification
Freddy Eduardo Pina Burgos
M.A.Sc. (2006) Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Shear Wall Buildings
Mohamed Mahgoub
Ph.D. (2005) A Study of Some Issues Related to Seismic Design Provisions of National Building Code of Canada.
Serdar Meremetci
M.Eng. (2003) Design of a shear wall building for earthquake induced torsion and strength dependent stiffness.
Mostafa Amin Abdel Zaher
Ph.D. (2002) An Integrated Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring System
Hasan Tahir Qureshi
M.A.Sc. (2002) Archival and Processing of Structural Health Monitoring Data
Ashutosh Bagchi
Ph.D. (2001) Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Soheil Yavari
M.A.Sc. (2001) Design of Concrete Shear Wall Buildings for Earthquake Induced Torsion
Kai Deng
Ph.D. (1999) Dynamic Response of Certain Types of Highway Bridges to Moving Vehicles
Praveen Kumar
Ph.D. (1999) Torsional Response of Buildings during Earthquakes
Josh Christopher Lombard
M.Eng. (1999) Seismic Strengthening and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Using Externally Bonded Carbon Fibre Tow Sheets
Mohammad Ali Rahgozar
Ph.D. (1998) Ductility and Strength Demands in Building Structures subjected to Earthquake Forces
Yvan Soucy
Ph.D. (1998) Test-Based Hybrid Component Mode Synthesis
Hong Xia
Ph.D. (1993) Effective Analytical Techniques for the Dynamic Analysis of Structures
Rajagopalan Chandrashaker
Ph.D. (1992) Seismic Analysis of Gravity Dam-Reservoir-Foundation System Using an Effective Hybrid
Ahmed Hassan Kashef
Ph.D. (1992) Dynamic Response of Highway Bridges to Moving Vehicles
Alexander Maciej Jablonski
Ph.D. (1989) Boundary element analysis of earthquake induced hydrodynamic pressures in a water reservoir.
Jaber Mohammed Humdan Al-Siwat
M.Eng. (1988) Effect of foundation uplift on the seismic response of steel buildings.
Mohamed H.M. Abdalla
Ph.D. (1985) Dynamic soil-structure analysis by boundary element method.
Mohamed A. Elkhodary
M.Eng. (1984) Boundary element analysis of hydrodynamic pressure on arch dams.
Patricia Valenzuela
M.Eng. (1984) Automated structural drafting for buildings.
Chrysostomos E. Italos
M.Eng. (1983) Automated analysis and design of flat slab systems by the finite element method.
Abdelwahab M. Awad
Ph.D. (1982) Torsional response of a single-storey building model to ground motion.
Gulshan K. Duggal
M.Eng. (1981) Structural Analysis and Design of a Cylindrical Parabolic Solar Collector
Youssef G. Hanna
M.Eng. (1980) Application of boundary element method to certain problems in structural dynamics.
Mohamed E.S. Issa
M.Eng. (1980) Application of boundary element
Magdy S.L. Roufaiel
M.Eng. (1980) Finite element analysis of dam-reservoir system.
Hussien A. Khattab
M.Eng. (1980) Earthquake response of a dam-reservoir system.
Man Mohan Singhal
M.Eng. (1979) Sway effects in unbraced multistorey steel frames.
A.K.M. Ghulam Sarwar
M.Eng. (1979) Flexure of beams and plates resting on Winkler media: a comparison of analytical techniques.
Pui Hing Pang
M.Eng. (1979) Seismic response of multistorey reinforced concrete building structures.
Keng-Chee Hong
M.Eng. (1978) Cyclic load behaviour of composite beam-column joints.
Jalal U. Khandoker
M.Eng. (1978) A computer program for three-dimensional analysis of buildings.
Alan L. Morris
M.Eng. (1978) Dynamic response of reinforced concrete frames with stiffness degradation.
Mohammed M. Huq
M.Eng. (1976) Computer-aided preliminary design of reinforced concrete building structures.