Photo of Michael C. Ircha

Michael C. Ircha

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:Hons. B.Sc., MPI, MPA (Queen's), ndc (NDC), Ph.D (Wales, Cardiff), P.Eng., MCIP, FCSCE, FEIC

Research Interests

1. Federal properties animator for SSHRC-MCRI Project on Multilevel Governance and Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities, University of Western Ontario.

2. Ports policy and management: governance systems and evolving port autonomy; emerging Canadian Gateway models; global hub container terminal strategies and development; interface between commercial port development and urban waterfront demands; cross-cultural communication issues in ports and shipping; port security concerns.

3. Local government issues: sustainable urban development – land use planning and infrastructure; international development – enhancing policy and planning capabilities in developing countries; municipal administration in changing times – identifying critical infrastructure, security and the impact of climate change.

Honours and Awards

  • 2007 President’s Medal for outstanding teaching, research and service, University of New Brunswick
  • 2007 Atlantic Planner’s Institute Award for Municipal Planning and Education, Canadian Institute of Planners
  • 2006 New Brunswick Merit Award for Community Leadership
  • 2006 Canadian Who’s Who 2007
  • 2004 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration (Institute of Public Administration of Canada)
  • 1999 Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
  • 1996 President, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 1995 Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Contributions to Education and Research in Transportation Engineering, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen’s University
  • 1995 ICHCA Research Paper Prize, Canadian Transportation Research Forum
  • 1993 Fellow, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 1992 Honorable Mention, 1991 Portus Award Compention, Canada Ports Corporation
  • 1991 Nominated for UNB’s Dr. Allen P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 1991 Distinguished Transportation Professor, International Intermodal Expo ’91, Atlanta, GA
  • 1990 President, New Burnswick Branch of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada
  • 1990 ICHCA Research Paper Prize (with J.S. Christie)
  • 1989 Honorable Mention, 1989 Portus Award
  • 1987 Research Methodology paper Prize, Canadian Transportation Research Forum
  • 1985 -1986 Visiting Canadian Fellow, University College of Cardiff, Wales
  • 1982 Merit Award, University of New Brunswick
  • 1971-1973 Graduate Fellowship, Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Queen’s University