Photo of Deniz Karman

Deniz Karman

Professor Emeritus in Environmental Engineering

Degrees:B.Sc.Eng. (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), M.Sc.Eng. (Ege Universitesi, Izmir, Turkey), Ph.D. (New Brunswick), P.Eng.

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • ENVE2001 Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering
  • ENVE3001 Water Treatment Principles and Design
  • ENVE3002 Environmental Engineering Systems Modelling
  • ENVE3004 Contaminant and Pollutant Transport in the Environment
  • ENVE4003 Air Pollution and Emissions Control
  • ENVE4918 Design Project (previously taught ENVE4908)
  • ENVE5101 Air Pollution Control
  • ENVE5102 Traffic Related Air Pollution
  • ENVE5106 Atmospheric Chemical Transport in the Environment
  • CIVE3307 Municipal Engineering
  • CIVE4407 Municipal Engineering
  • ENVE5103 Air Quality Modelling
  • CIVE5701-2 Special Topics

Research Interests

Measurement, characterization, and modelling of motor vehicle emissions and their impact on air quality and climate change; Life-cycle analysis of alternate fuels and vehicle technologies; Air pollution sources, control methods,  dispersion and receptor modelling.

Research Team

Megan Ostronic
M.A.Sc. (2016) Microenvironment Analysis of Homes with Attached Garages using Volatile Organic Compound Source Apportionment Modelling
Angelos Anastassopoulos
Ph.D. (2015) Source-based spatial analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds and fine particulate matter at the regional and local scales.
Kyle Beauliua
M.Eng. (Project) (2012)
Aaron Conde
M.Eng. (Project) (2012)
Imtiyaz-Shabbir Moulvi
M.Eng. (Project) (2008) Driver Behaviour Variability and its Effect on Vehicle Exhaust Emissions
Selena Marie Fraser
M.Eng. (Project) (2008)
Part 1 Real World Test Cycle Development, Emission Rates and Fuel Consumption for Selected Off-Road Spark-Ignited and Compression-Ignited Engines.
Part 2 Speciated Hydrocarbon and Carbonyl Compound Emissions from Selected Off-Road Spark-Ignited Engines.
Aaron Loiselle
M.A.Sc. (2008) GHG and Gaseous Emissions from Engines and Vehicles with Advanced Emission Control Technologies.
Martha Elizabeth Christenson
M.A.Sc. (2007) The Effect of Driving Conditions and Ambient Temperature on particulate Matter Emission Rates and Size Distributions from Light Duty Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Vehicles
Jie Shen
M.Eng. (2006) MOBILE6C modelling of PAH emissions from on-road vehicles in Ontario
Dareen Ayyad
M.Eng. (2006) CHG and Criteria Air Contaminant Emissions from Off-Road Sources
Duane R. Smith
M.Eng. (2005) Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Manure Management: A review with case studies
Steven C. Smyth
M.Eng. (2004) Evaluating the Air Quality Impacts of Biodiesel Fuel
Michael Thomas Joseph Baumann
M.Eng. (2004) Development and Overview of Quantification Standards for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Projects
Kristine M. Tracey
M.A.Sc. (2002) Particle Size Distribution from Light Duty Motor Vehicle Exhaust: Evaluating Different Measurement Techniques and Vehicle Technologies
Colin Welburn
M.Eng. (2001) Characterization of Particulate Matter Emissions from Motor Vehicles
Kevin Charles O’Leary
M.Eng. (1999) Source Apportionment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Urban Micro-Environments