Photo of Nimal Rajapakse, P.Eng., FCAE, FEIC, FCSCE

Nimal Rajapakse, P.Eng., FCAE, FEIC, FCSCE

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. (Moratuwa), M.Eng. (AIT), D.Eng. (AIT)

Teaching Interests

Solid and Structural Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Finite Element Methods, Geomechanics, Engineering Mathematics

Research Interests

Molecular Dynamic Studies of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures, Modified Continuum and Multi-scale Mechanics, Smart Materials and Structures, Soil-Structure Interaction, Poroelasticity and Coupled Field Problems, Advanced Structural Analysis

Honours and Awards

  • APEGBC Meritorious Achievement Award – 2004
  • Horst Leipholz Medal of CSCE – 2000
  • Rh Award – 1990

Current Graduate Students

Pandula Manura Liyanage
Carleton University PhD (2015- ) co-supervised with Ron Miller
Carleton University MSc (2015- )
Simon Fraser University PhD (2012- )
Simon Fraser University PhD (2013- ) co-supervised
Simon Fraser University PhD (2015- ) co-supervised
University of Campinas, Brazil PhD (2015- ) co-supervised
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand PhD (2012- ) co-supervised

Selected Publications (Google Scholar full list)

M. A. N. Dewapriya and R. K. N. D. Rajapakse (2014), “Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Continuum Modeling of Temperature and Strain Rate Dependent Fracture Strength of Graphene with Vacancy Defects,” J. Appl. Mech., Vol. 81, 081010.

M.A. Goulet, R.M.H. Khorasany, C. De Torres, M. Lauritzen, E. Kjeang, G.G. Wang and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2013), Mechanical properties of catalyst coated membranes for fuel cells, J. Power Sources, Vol. 234, pp. 38-47.

C.Liu and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2013), A size-dependent continuum model for nanoscale circular plates, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Vol. 12, pp. 13-20.

Y. Sapsathiarn and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2012), A model for large deflections of nanobeams and experimental comparison, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Vol.11, pp. 247-254.

C. Liu and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2010), Continuum models incorporating surface energy for static and dynamic response of nanoscale beams, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Vol. 9, pp. 422-431.

M. Senousy, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse, D. Mumford and M. Gadala (2009), Self-heat generation in piezoelectric stack actuators used in fuel injectors, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 18, 045008.

B. Azadi-Borujeni, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse and D.M. Maijer (2009), Modeling of the cyclic behaviour of shape memory alloys during localized unstable mechanical response, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 18, 074005.

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