Photo of Abhijit Sarkar

Abhijit Sarkar

Professor in Uncertainty Quantification with High Performance Computing Applications and Canada Research Professor

Degrees:D.Phil. (Oxford), M.Sc. (IISc), B.E. (Calcutta), P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 6320
Office:3076 (Minto)
Website:visit my research website

Prof. Sarkar’s mailbox is located in room 3432 C.J. Mackenzie Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada

Teaching Assignments 2020-2021

  • CIVE2101 Engineering Mechanics
  • CIVE3203 Structural Analysis I
  • CIVE4918 Design Project
  • CIVE5705 Random Processes & Statistical Inference in Engineering

Previous Teaching Assignments

  • ECOR1053 Fundamentals of Eng III
  • ECOR1101 Mechanics I
  • ECOR2606 Numerical Methods
  • CIVE2101 Mechanics II
  • CIVE3202 Mechanics of Solids II
  • CIVE4918 Design Project
  • CIVE5706 Estimation, Identification and Data Assimilation in Dynamic State Space Models
  • CIVE5708 Inverse Modelling
  • CIVE5708 System Identification
  • CIVE5708 Nonlinear Statistical Estimation and System Identification
  • CIVE5708 Inverse Problems using Statistical Methods
  • CIVE5708 Applied Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • CIVE5709 Probability, Statistics and Random Processes with Applications in Engineering

Research Interests

Uncertainty quantification and risk analysis, nonlinear, stochastic and chaotic vibration, structural acoustics and fluid-structure interaction, stochastic finite element, flow through disordered porous media, and parallel computing for large-scale stochastic systems.

Graduate Students

Philippe Bisaillon Ph.D. (In Prog.) with co-supervisors D. Poirel and C. Pettit
Ajit Desai Ph.D. (2019) with co-supervisor D. Poirel
Brandon Robinson M.A.Sc. (2018.) with co-supervisor C. Pettit
Name withheld M.A.Sc. (In Prog.) Nonlinear Aeroelastic Modeling of a Flexible Wing and Comparison with Experiments (with co-supervisors D. Poirel and C. Pettit)
Rimple Sandhu Ph.D.(In Prog.) with co-supervisors D. Poirel and C. Pettit
Sandip Chajjed M.A.Sc. (2016) Probabilistic Prediction of Coalescence Flutter Using Measurements: application to the flutter margin method (with co-supervisors D. Poirel and C. Pettit)
Philippe Bisaillon M.A.Sc. (2013) Bayesian Model Selection and Parameter Estimation for Strongly Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Mohammad Khalil Ph.D. (2013) Bayesian Inference for Complex Engineering Systems
Anton Matachniouk M.A.Sc. (2013) Parametric Uncertainty Quantification in Coalescence Flutter
Rimple Sandhu M.A.Sc. (2013) Bayesian model selection and parameter estimation for a nonlinear fluid-structure interaction problem
Waad Hussain Subber Ph.D. (2013) Domain Decomposition Methods for Uncertainty Quantification
Ricky Donyina-Ameyaw M.Eng. Project (2010)
Amin Fereidooni M.A.Sc. (2009) Wave propagation based structural health monitoring
Ning Wang M.A.Sc. (2009) Prediction of heat transfer and probability of insulation failure in wood-framed walls
Hatef Monajemi M.A.Sc. (2009)
Mohammad Khalil M.A.Sc. (2006) Reduced Order Linear System Identification
Xiaoli Zhu M.A.Sc. (2006) Uncertainty Simulation Using Domain Decomposition and Stratified Sampling