The CHAIM Centre comprises an Advisory Board, an Organizing Committee, and Affiliated Researchers. We are intentionally representative of the diverse disciplines and sectors that contribute to building a broad understanding of the health issues that face Canadians today.

Our Advisory Board includes demonstrated leaders in their fields. They reflect a range of areas of expertise positioning them well to advise the Centre of gaps in knowledge and wicked issues within the Canadian health system and help it to plan for the future.

The Organizing Committee are research faculty from multiple disciplines in several faculties at Carleton University. The organizing committee is responsible for the implementation of strategies for achieving the Centre’s objectives, and setting priorities for directions to be taken. All are Affiliated Researchers with the Centre.

Affiliated Researchers are faculty researchers from any discipline, who are actively engaged in research on health issues, and are committed to the translation of their findings to promoting better health outcomes and quality of life for all Canadians.