PAWSitive Support: Animal-Assisted Interventions in the Treatment of Addictions & Mental Health

dell_lapointeIn co-sponsorship with the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research, an audience of almost 100 people was fortunate to hear Dr. Colleen Dell (University of Saskatchewan) and Captain (retired) Marc Lapointe talk about the pawsitive impacts therapy and service dogs have on the lives of those who rely on them.  Dr. Dell shared her research findings and the experiences of her three dogs, Anna-belle, Kisbey & Subie, who have been working with her as therapy dogs with various vulnerable populations in Saskatoon. Captain Lapointe talked about his own story with Sticker, and the volunteer work that he’s been doing with AUDEAMUS (a not for profit organization supported primarily through private donations) to match and train dogs with those who have served on the front lines and depend on the dogs to survive.


Lament for the Land: Climate Change and Mental Health in the North

ashleeDespite having to contend with the challenges of air travel and delays at this time of year, on Feb 5, Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox talked to a full room about her research with the Indigenous peoples of Nunatsiavut regarding their relationship to the land and the effects of climate change.  Through the research, it became apparent to researchers and residents alike that changes to the land emanating from a warming climate were having a profound impact on their mental health.  Dr. Cunsolo Willox also met with informally through the day with students and faculty to discuss various projects.


Going to the Dogs: A Perspective on OneHealth

gillett_talkDr. James Gillett shared his experience and insights on working with community groups on issues that mattered for him. His talk on January 21 at 1125@Carleton focused on the role of pets in the health and well-being of various vulnerable populations, including older people, anxious students, and incarcerated youth.  Coming from a OneHealth perspective enables researchers to approach the human health from a broader perspective that puts us in the context of environmental conditions and our relationships with other species. You can find out more about Dr. Gillett’s talk here.


An Indigenous Approach to Mental Health

mushquash first slideOn November 12, Dr. Christopher Mushquash talked to an audience of over 100 community members, health professionals, researchers and students about Indigenous Youth Mental Health.  Dr. Mushquash raised questions about current methods of treating mental health problems, and in particular pointed to the importance of recognizing individuals’ challenges in the context of the reality in which they live. Musquash is a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Mental Health and Addictions at Lakehead University. The powerpoint presentation is not available for sharing. But you can learn more about Dr. Mushquash and his research here.


Dr. Christopher Wild delivers lecture on Preventing Global Cancer

wild_talkingAs part of the CHAIM Speakers Series, Dr. Christopher Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, delivered an informative lecture on ‘Preventing Global Cancer: Necessity is the Mother of Prevention’ on November 6. Dr. Wild noted that treatment alone will not address the global burden of cancer, but that we have to understand the causes as part of a broad and global intervention strategy. The lecture was attended by over 120 researchers, scientists and policy analysts, and students.  His talk can be watched on youtube, and you can learn more about Dr. Wild and his work here.wild_students


Congratulations to CHAIM sponsored graduate student presenters!

Mcgill_confCongratulations to Marie-Claire Flores Pajot for winning a prize for her poster at the Global Environment: From Cell to Society Conference.

The CHAIM Centre was pleased to provide some support to three graduate students in the Health Science, Technology, & Policy Masters program to attend the conference “Global Environment: From Cell to Society” at McGill University on October 30, 2015.  All three students garnered considerable interest in their work. Anna Tomczak presented her work looking at associations between long-term exposure to air pollution and lung cancer. Karena Volesky described the research conducted as part of her MSc Capstone project on e-cigarette use, while Marie-Claire Flores Pajot presented her meta-analyses on air pollution and autism.  All three students were working with Dr. Paul Villeneuve, an affiliate researcher with The CHAIM Centre, and who is based in the Department of Health Sciences at Carleton.  


CHAIM Speaker Series Launched with Talk by Firdaus Kharas

kharas_talk 1The CHAIM Centre launched its speakers series with Firdaus Kharas on September 27, 2015.  Mr. Kharas is a humanitarian and social entrepreneur who is trying to affect the attitudes and behaviours that influence the health and well-being of marginalized populations.  He has been especially active in Africa and the Middle East.  The talk was attended by ~75 students, faculty, and members of the public.  His full talk can be seen on youtube, and the story behind his work can be read here.Kharas_2_aud


Welcome to our new Knowledge Mobilization Researcher, Josée Beaudry!

joseeJosée is a fourth year student majoring in Psychology at Carleton University, with a double minor in American Sign Language and Neuroscience/Mental Health.  She is conducting a practicum with the CHAIM Centre for the fall term, 2015, working as an Knowledge Mobilization researcher.  She is eager to pursue a career in speech-language pathology.


blog_imageCalling all CHAIM bloggers, supervisors, and affiliates.

After a very active summer of writing blogs, it’s time to meet and celebrate our bloggers.  Most of our CHAIM blogs are written by students, ranging from first year undergraduates to doctoral.  And then there are the faculty who recognize the opportunity to voice our opinions, rooted in scholarship, of course.

So don’t miss the Blogger’s Luncheon on September 17, 2015 at noon in 1125@Carleton!

(Please RSVP to Anna Tomczak)

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