Students interested in studying Chemistry have three degree options to choose from:

If you are planning to attend graduate school and your goal is to become a professional chemist, you should consider the four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) program. This program offers the following options:

It is also possible to complete a four-year combined honours degree in:

Concentration in Nanotechnology

Carleton offers an innovative Concentration in Nanotechnology to students in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours program in Chemistry. Nanotechnology techniques involve the synthesis and characterization of new materials containing only a few atoms deposited on a surface or a self-assembly of molecules.

Applications of nanotechnology have already given rise to a host of novel materials with enhanced strength and flexibility for the aerospace industry. In medicine, new methods of drug delivery via controlled time release and new treatments for cancer have come about from nanotechnological advances. Undoubtedly, future applications of nanotechnology will be visible in many areas including the development of microchips for the electronics industry.

quote_beginHonours chemistry at Carleton University provides a challenging, 20.0 credit degree that ensures a great preparation for work or possible graduate studies. Professors are enthusiastic, and instrument and lab technologists are helpful and friendly. Carleton offers the opportunity for undergraduate lab experience, summer employment and teaching assistant (TA) positions. The program gives a very thorough education in chemistry but also allows room for a variety of other disciplines to be explored. I have received from Carleton everything that I expected to and much, much more.quote_end

~Lewis Gauthier, fourth-year Chemistry