Mission Statement

Mission statement of the Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES):

To develop educational programs in order to promote knowledge and understanding of the history and legacy of the Holocaust. Bringing together academics, educators, survivors, students and diverse community members, CHES offers year round programming and events whose objectives include combating prejudice and racism and promoting respect for diversity, social justice and human rights.

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CHES Information Brochure


Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Our Objectives

The Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship has the following objectives:

  • To promote effective teaching about the Holocaust, antisemitism, and all forms of racism through workshops and other activities for/with teachers, school boards, high school and university students, and the public at large;
  • To ensure the continuity of Holocaust education through the active involvement of Holocaust survivors and their descendants;
  • To promote the development and sharing of teaching resources about the Holocaust;
  • To marshal educational programming in order to help eliminate racism and engender respect for social justice and human rights;
  • To remember those who were killed in the Holocaust; to preserve and transmit testimonials and memories of Holocaust survivors through commemorative events, speaking engagements in schools, publications, and participation in public discussion;
  • To recognize excellence in Holocaust education through the Ari van Mansum award given annually to a local teacher, and through other avenues as appropriate;
  • To stimulate local, national, and international dialogue about racism, anti-semitism and genocide; and undertake projects in partnership with Holocaust Education Centres in Canada and abroad;
  • To undertake any other project that in the view of the Centre’s Board supports the achievement of these objectives; and
  • To promote Holocaust scholarship and research in the understanding that all of the above goals are supported and strengthened by rigorous scholarly Holocaust studies research.