Photo of Michael Tibollo

Michael Tibollo

Year of Graduation: 2015

Title of MRE: Engaged Buddhism: What Does This Mean for the Goal of Enlightenment?

Current/Future Plans: I am a graduate of the Religion and Public Life, Master of Arts program. Following my MA, I moved to England where I studied Law at the University of Leicester. During my time in the MA program, I had the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant which taught me discipline in terms of time management, as well as confidence when speaking in front of students. During my time in England, I was elected as President of the Canadian Law Society at my university which had over 250 Canadian law members. I am currently a law student at Tibollo & Associates Professional Corporation working towards being called to the Bar of Ontario, with a specialization in corporate commercial/real estate law. I highly recommend this MA program for those interested in religion and the relationship it plays in public life. My degree taught me religion holds an active role in society and I believe studying it has benefitted me in my legal practice and can benefit any field of work. I also currently sit as a Director for the Festival of Light in Vaughan, which is a festivity bringing together communities and religions to celebrate a common theme chosen every year.