Photo of Nick Arial

Nick Arial

Year of Graduation: 2021

Title of MRE: “The Stars of David: Baseball, Masculinity, and the Making of Jewish-American Identity”

What attracted you to Carleton University’s MA in Religion and Public Life program? 

After thoroughly enjoying experience in attaining my BA in Religion at Carleton, I felt compelled to continue my education through the MA program. The wonderful faculty of the Religion department, the desire to attain my MA, and the overall subject matter of the program attracted me to the Religion and Public Life program.

What were some of your highlights of attending Carleton University? 

Too many to list! Carleton afforded me with so many opportunities. From meeting great friends and mentors, getting to study a subject that I am passionate about, and being given countless opportunities to advance my learning, I will forever be grateful for my time at Carleton, which will always feel like home to me.

What aspects of the MA experience will you take with you post-grad? 

I will take several aspects with me. The process of brainstorming and writing my MRE was a particularly illuminating experience for me, as I aspire to be a non-fiction writer. I will take the many things that I learned during the entire experience of creating the project with me as I attempt to begin my career as an author.

I will also take the strong sense of community embedded within the program with me throughout my life. This past year was a trying and difficult year for me personally, and I will always be grateful for the help, support, and guidance that my friends and professors gave to me during my year in the MA program. It really meant a lot to me to have so many people actively caring about me and trying their best to help me succeed in the program in the midst of difficult times. As such, I have made many great friendships and mentors within the Religion department at Carleton, and look forward to keeping in touch with them all in my post-grad life.