Applicants who do not qualify for direct admission to the Master’s program may be admitted to a qualifying-year program designed to raise their status to that of honours graduates in Religious Studies.

Applicants who lack an Honours degree but have a 3 year degree with honours standing (at least B overall) will normally be admitted to a qualifying-year program if the MA committee believes they have strong potential to succeed in the MA program. Please refer to section 2.3 of the Graduate Calendar.

Students are expected to achieve a B+ average or better in the Qualifying-Year program in order to qualify for admission to the Master’s year.  All Qualifying Year students must reapply to the MA program with new letters of reference from Qualifying Year instructors, updated transcripts, and pay the application fee.  Funding is not available for Qualifying Year students.

One does not apply directly to a Qualifying Year program. Even if a student thinks they are likely to only be accepted through the Qualifying Year, one should still apply directly to the MA program.  Indicate in the Letter of Intent that you wish to be considered for the Qualifying Year program.

All Qualifying Year programs require the approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator.  A specific Qualifying Year program is designed for each student.  For your information, the following is a standard 5 credit Qualifying Year program designed for a student who lacks the requisite academic preparation:

  • RELI 4741 Theory and Method (0.5 credits)
  • RELI 1710 Judaism, Christianity, Islam (0.5 credits)
  • RELI 1715 South Asian Religions OR 1716  East Asian Religions (0.5 credits each)
  • 1.0  RELI credit at 4000 level (any)
  • 0.5 RELI credit at 2000 or 3000 level, which must be focused on an Eastern tradition
  • 0.5 RELI credit at the 2000 or 3000 level, which must be focused on a Western tradition
  • 1.5 RELI credits (any)