Carleton University hosts over 150 Visiting Researchers from over 44 countries each year who contribute to the Carleton community in a variety of ways including adding to the intellectual capital of the university, collaboration partnerships with other world renowned institutions and enhancing our international research profile. Such appointments also provide significant and exciting opportunities allowing students to experience new perspectives and enhancing their learning as well as providing opportunities for faculty to collaborate with their peers. These initial collaborations often grow over time and can become formal partnerships that work on specific projects with global outreach, supporting Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan.

All international visits are subject to compliance with the immigration laws of Canada and are conditional on any approvals, authorization, visas and/or permits related to the research visit which may be required under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the regulations made pursuant to the Act and obtaining and retaining the appropriate authorization to live in Canada from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Candidates interested in coming to Carleton as visiting researchers must first identify a Carleton faculty member that is willing to host them. This process usually begins by contacting a faculty member with compatible research interests. To browse through our faculty and research interests you can either visit Our Research page or visit the faculty/department of interest and review the faculty profiles associated with each unit. Interested candidates are responsible for contacting the faculty member(s). Once the relationship is established and the faculty member is willing to ‘sponsor’ the visiting researcher, the faculty member must contact Carleton International and complete a Visiting Scholar Request Form (Research Only).

Carleton faculty interested in hosting a visiting researcher must complete the following process. A minimum of three months’ notice for visiting researcher requests is required to allow for internal approvals from your Chair and Dean, and visa and LMIA exempt Work Permit processing times.  These vary by country and some visiting scholars will require both a visa and LMIA exempt Work Permit to conduct research at Carleton.  Although nationals from some countries do not require a visa for entry to Canada they may still require an LMIA exempt work permit to conduct research at Carleton even if they are not paid.  For this reason we must allow at least three months for Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processing (up to 6 months for some countries).

Carleton International will process requests for visiting student researchers (enrolled in an institution abroad), visiting faculty (holding permanent academic positions abroad), or visiting post docs (enrolled in a post doc program abroad), who wish to conduct research only at Carleton.

Visiting scholars are not enrolled in a program at Carleton and thus are not eligible for registration in courses.  If you wish to hire a visiting scholar to teach, please contact .

Please complete the Visiting Scholar Request Form (Research Only) form as per below:

  1. Visiting Researcher completes Sections A, B, and C of the attached form and provides with the following documents (as applicable):
  • a copy of the notice of award (if externally funded)
  • a copy of proof of enrollment in home program or institution (if a student abroad)
  1. Host completes Sections D, E, F and G and forwards and electronic copy to the Chair/Director, along with a copy of the CV, for the Chair/Director’s approval.
  1. Department Chair/ School Director sends forward to the Dean’s office for the Dean’s approval.  The Dean’s office returns the signed form to (electronic copy is preferred).

Carleton International will issue an institutional letter of invitation, and terms and conditions of the visit by email to the visiting researcher. Visiting researchers are required to register for health insurance if their visit is longer than two weeks and there are other implication addressed in the terms and conditions to ensure a smooth visit.  This letter is required for the applicable immigration application /entry to Canada.

Carleton International will also arrange for a Carleton ID number and campus card for the visitor’s use upon arrival so that they may have access to our Library or departmental resources for research as the host faculty member and researcher have agreed upon. Please note that your departmental administrator will be responsible for arranging wireless and computing access for the visitor upon arrival.

If you or the visiting researcher have any questions about the form or process please feel free to contact:

Tel. 613-520-2511