Countries Institution Category End Date Coordination
Argentina Universidad Nacional De San Luis Partnership 2024 CI
Belgium Universite Catholique De Louvain Partnership 2021 CI
Brazil Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica Partnership 2020 CI
Brazil Sao Paulo Research Foundation – Fapesp Joint Research 2021 CI
Brazil Sao Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp) Funding 2021 CI
Brazil Universidad Federal de Pernambuco (Ufpe) Partnership 2020 CI
Brazil Universidade Estadual De Campinas (Unicamp) Partnership 2020 CI
Brazil Universidade Federal Santa Catarina (Ufsc) Partnership 2020 CI
Brazil University of Sao Paulo (Usp) Partnership 2022 CI
Canada Council of Entrepreneurs for Africa (Coefa) Partnership 2022 CI
Canada Lakehead University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Lethbridge, Vancouver Island University, Ecole de Technologie Superieur Joint Research 2022 CI
Canada Ontario Universities International Mobility CI
Canada United Nations Association In Canada Mobility 2024 FPA
Canada United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (Canada) Mobility 2023 FPA
China Confucius Institute (Hanban) Academic CI
China Donghua University Partnership 2023 CI
China Donghua University Academic Sprott
China East China Normal University (Ecnu) Partnership 2021 CI
China Nanjing University of Information Science And Technology (Nuist) Partnership 2020 CI
China Nanjing University of Science And Technology Partnership 2020 CI
China Shaanxi Normal University Partnership 2022 CI
China Southeast University Partnership 2020 CI
China Tianjin University Joint Research CI
China Yunnan Normal University Partnership 2024 CI
China Zhejiang Gongshang University Partnership 2024 Sprott
China Zhejiang University of Technology (Zjut) Partnership 2021 CI
China Zhejiang University of Technology (Zjut) Partnership 2023 CI
Colombia Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Adminstracion (Cesa) Academic Sprott
Cuba La Universidad de La Habana Partnership 2025 CI
Cyprus University of Cyprus Partnership 2022 CI
Czech Republic Masaryk University Partnership 2023 CI
Czech Republic Technical University of Liberec Mobility 2020 CI
Czech Republic Technical University of Liberec Partnership 2022 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dominican Republic The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic Partnership 2024 NPSIA
Egypt Canwell Educational Consultant Partnership CI
Egypt The British University of Egypt Partnership 2023 CI
Ethiopia Hawassa University Partnership 2023 CI
France Institut National des Sciences (Insa), Toulouse (Lass/Cnrs Lab) Partnership 2021 CI
France Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse Partnership 2021 CI
Georgia Free University of Tbilisi Partnership 2023 CI
Hungary Budapest University of Technology And Economics (Bme) Partnership 2023 CI
India Acharya Institutes Partnership 2021 CI
India Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Bits) Pilani Mobility 2021 CI
India Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (Bsei) Partnership 2021 CI
India Indian Council for Cultural Relations Partnership 2022 CI
India Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Partnership 2023 CI
India Indian Institute of Technology Partnership 2023 CI
India Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Partnership 2023 CI
India International School of Management Excellence (Isme) Partnership 2021 CI
India Jai Hind College Partnership 2022 CI
India Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Kiit) University Partnership 2025 CI
India National Institute Of Hydrology (Roorke, India) Partnership 2021 CI
India Nirma University Partnership 2023 CI
India Sjb School of Architecture and Planning Partnership 2020 CI
India Ssn College of Engineering Partnership 2022 CI
India Teri University Partnership 2021 CI
Indonesia Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ri Funding 2021 CI
Iraq University of Duhok Partnership 2024 CI
Italy Università Della Calabria Partnership 2023 CI
Italy University of Rome “La Sapienza” Partnership 2021 CI
Italy University of Trento Partnership 2020 CI
Italy University of Trento Partnership 2025 CI
Japan Chiba University Partnership 2023 CI
Japan Doshisha Womens College of Liberal Arts Partnership CI
Japan Japan Advanced Institute of Science And Technology (Jaist) Partnership 2021 CI
Japan Waseda University Partnership 2022 CI
Kenya United States International University-Africa Partnership 2023 CI
Kenya University ff Nairobi Partnership 2022 CI
Malaysia Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Partnership 2023 CI
Mexico Between Calareo and National Council of Science And Technology Of The United Mexican States (Conacyt), Mexico Funding 2022 CI
Mexico The National Autonomous University of Mexico-Canada (Unam-Canada) Partnership 2022 CI
Mozambique Eduardo Mondlane University Partnership 2022 CI
Multilateral Carleton University, Condordia University, Heidelberg University and University of the Arts London Partnership 2023 CI
Multilateral Carleton University, The United Nations Development Program, China Europe International Business School (Ceibs, China), University Of Pennsylvania (United States), Tsinghua University (China), Oxford University (England), Maastricht University (Netherlands), University In Zürich (Switzerland), National University Of Singapore Business School (Singapore), University Of Cape Town Bertha Centre For Social Innovation And Entrepreneurship (South Africa) Joint Research 2021 CI
Netherlands Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Mobility 2023 Sprott
Nigeria University of Lagos Partnership 2021 CI
Nigeria University of Nigeria (Nssuka) Partnership 2021 CI
Norway University of Stavanger Partnership 2021 CI
Oman Global College Of Engineering And Technology Academic 2024 CI
Poland University of Warsaw, Centre For Political Analysis Partnership 2021 FPA
Portugal Universidad do Minho Mobility 2022 CI
Romania Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași Mobility 2022 CI
Russia Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Partnership 2020 CI
Russia Lomonosov Moscow State University Partnership 2022 CI
Russia Samara National Research University (Formerly Ssau) Partnership 2021 CI
Russia South Ural State University Partnership 2023 CI
Somalia University of Hargeisa Partnership 2024 Social Work
South Africa Tshwane University of Technology Partnership 2025 FED
South Korea National Institute For International Education (Ministry of Education) Mobility 2024 School of Linguistics and Languages Studies
South Korea Woosong University Mobility Sprott
Spain Universidad Miguel Hernandezde Elche Partnership 2022 CI
Spain Universidad Publica de Navarra Partnership 2023 CI
St Kitts and Nevis The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis Partnership 2022 CI
Tanzania The Nelson Mandela African Institution Of Science And Technology Partnership 2022 CI
United States The Foundation For Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States Of America Funding 2020 CI
Vietnam Ton Duc Thang University Partnership 2025 CI
Vietnam Tra Vinh University Partnership 2024 CI
Vietnam Vietnam International Education Development (Vied) Funding 2022 FGPA

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Updated: June 15 2020