Virtual Internationalization at home includes information for students who are interested in enhancing their global citizenship and intercultural skills on their own. It includes a wide range of organizations in Canada and abroad. While these links are accessible to anyone, they were selected due to their ability to advance timely knowledge, skills, and competencies that collectively prepare visitors to explore the world from home. While these online sites don’t offer the same level of immersion compared with travelling, they nonetheless offer a valuable window of knowledge opportunity.

Carleton Resources

Cultural Events and Resources
CUx Online Events CUx has collaborated with a variety of student groups and departments to provide engaging social activities such as trivia nights, fitness classes and other engaging programming for students at home. Whether you are in residence, Ottawa, Canada or across the globe we aim for all Ravens to feel connected.
CUSA The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) is an incorporated, not-for-profit, student-run organization. We are your undergraduate student government, your campus services, your clubs and societies, your student life, your community campaigns, your students’ association.
Internationalized Curricula
MBA Shanghai The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Shanghai is designed to provide advanced management knowledge and facilitate development of skills in all management disciplines including those required to analyze, think strategically, make sound business decisions and lead. The ideal candidate is an individual who plans to assume a leadership position with internationally competitive organizations.
Bachelor of Global and International Studies The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) degree is for students interested in learning and engaging with the world in which we live. The BGInS program is both multidisciplinary, in that it introduces students to the many different disciplinary perspectives on global and international studies, and interdisciplinary, in that it places these disciplinary perspectives in critical dialogue with each other. Completion of a BGInS degree will allow students to pursue a wide range of career options related to global and international studies, including graduate school in a number of disciplines.
IAS Placement Course The Institute of African Studies Placement Course allows students to arrange with an organization that works on African issues to do relevant academic work for them for the equivalent of one day a week for a term. Students are evaluated by a supervisor at the organization and by the Director of African Studies. Most placements take place in Africa; some in other locations, including Ottawa-Gatineau.
Chinese Language Courses, Non-Credit The National Capital Confucius Institute (NCCI) offers year-round Chinese language credit courses. These courses are offered through the School of Linguistics and Languages Studies to registered Carleton University students.
Online Support
CUx Funding The CUx Experience Fund provides financial support for groups who are looking to create an event or activity that aligns with the mission and framework of CUx.
Online Learning Support The world has changed a lot since March 2020, but one thing remains the same, Carleton University is here to support you throughout your studies. Explore how Carleton can support your personal growth and success online.
Virtual Campus Tour Explore Carleton’s campus inside this 360° Virtual Tour.

Intercultural Training

Training Available at Carleton
Cross Cultural Competence Training Cross-cultural training is designed to explore the dynamics of cross-cultural interactions and provide participants with the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to interact, communicate and provide support effectively across cultural differences.
Cultural Proficiencies for Inclusive Workplaces Training designed to explore cultural proficiency at work. It provides participants with knowledge and skills to effectively navigate cultural differences.
External Training
Business Etiquette Around the World Business customs vary tremendously around the world. This infographic by CT Business Travel explains everything from how firm a handshake should be in different countries around the world to how people should be addressed. It also discusses food etiquette, body language, and style of communications.
Country Culture Guides This guide provides information on over 80 countries. It allows users to select a specific country to learn more about the culture, language, people, beliefs, food, etiquette, business practices and more.
Cultural Days Join Culture Days 2020 for a national celebration where arts, culture, and creativity intersect. Indoors, outdoors, and online—discover the world of arts and culture across Canada.
Foundations of Intercultural Development (Costs) Foundations of Intercultural Development is an online course, which will help you gain insights into your own cultural rules, norms and biases while also weaving in elements of truth and reconciliation.
MyWorldAbroad MyWorldAbroad gives actual advice and commentary on every aspect of going abroad, along with thousands of resources.
World Business Culture World Business Culture provides both business people and students a wealth of targeted, high quality information which can improve their ability to develop a global career.

Culture Exploration

Cultural Attractions
Great Wall of China Take a virtual hike via The China Guide. You can take a mini-tour of the world wonder for free, or pay $5 for a tour that includes 11 different scenes along the wall in hi-res.
Taj Mahal Take a stroll around the stunning grounds of the Taj Mahal with Google Maps or get an inside look and a mini virtual history lesson.
Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower might still be off the table, but you can still enjoy a full virtual tour of the structure, including sunrise from the Champ-de-Mars and a panoramic ascent to the top.
Machu Picchu Once an Inca fortress and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can virtually tour the site, take in 360 views, learn about key artifacts, or go for a walk along the Inca Trail.
Events and Resources
Abu Dhabi Culture Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism launched “CulturAll,” an online platform that offers virtual content from the city’s biggest cultural attractions, museums and landmarks.
Endangered Languages Project Learn about the preservation of the world’s Endangered languages. The Endangered Languages Project puts technology at the service of the organizations and individuals working to confront the language endangerment by documenting, preserving and teaching them.
Northern Lights Show Learn more about Key figures, events and achievements from Canadian history are brought to life using 5 distinct artistic styles, through this years virtual Northern Lights show.
Global citizen Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. On our platform, Global Citizens learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions — as part of a global community committed to lasting change.
General Google Arts & Culture is an online platform through which the public can view high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from partner cultural organizations throughout the world.
Uffizi, Florence Florence, Italy’s world-class Uffizi Gallery is home to the art collection of the de’Medici family. The beautiful building dates back to 1560 and you can tour it from the comfort of your own home.
J.Paul Getty Museum, USA Los Angeles’ Getty Museum is known as much for its art collection as it is for its beautiful environs with lush gardens and stunning views upon prime real estate.
The Museum of Modern Art New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, or, MoMA, is providing a virtual look into its galleries, which include some of the most famous modern artworks in the world.
Versailles, France The former home of French royalty, a virtual visit to Versailles includes up-close tours of artworks and never-before-seen content including 3D and VR experiences.
Vatican Museum Enjoy the Vatican’s famed works via 360-degree virtual room tours.
British Museum, London Tour the first national public museum of the world. The British Museum is unique in bringing together under one roof the cultures of the world, spanning continents and oceans.
National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City Built in 1964, this museum is dedicated to the archaeology and history of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage. There are 23 exhibit rooms filled with ancient artifacts, including some from the Mayan civilization.
Canadian Museum of History Virtually walk-through Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History, to learn about Canadian history and experience from coast to coast to coast.
Louvre, Paris The Musée du Louvre, or, the Louvre Museum in Paris, is offering a substantial slate of virtual tours which give a much closer and less congested look than you’d get even if you visited in person.
Musée d’Orsay, Paris Paris’ Musée d’Orsay is an iconic attraction, housed in the former Orsay railway station, that was originally built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Take a virtual walkthrough to admire French artists including Monet and Cézanne.
MASP, Sao Paulo The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a non-profit and Brazil’s first modern museum. Artworks placed on clear perspex frames make it seem like the artwork is hovering in midair. Take a virtual tour to experience the wondrous display for yourself.
Norval Foundation, South Africa This art museum is packed with modern art from South Africa and elsewhere, and exhibitions include a lovely sculpture garden with works from African sculptors.
Smithsonian, Washington The Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History welcomes guests for virtual self-guided tours of various areas and exhibits within the museum. Visitors can check out current and permanent exhibits, as well as past exhibits that are no longer on display.

Embassy Events

Cultural Events and Resources 
Virtual Bonsai Show The Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Ottawa Bonsai Society will be holding the annual Virtual Bonsai Show. Enjoy wonderful bonsai creations and learn more about this traditional Japanese art. This free event will take place from September 18 to October 3, 2021. A live interactive demonstration will take place on September 23 at 7 PM (EDT).
Ottawa International Animation Festival The Ottawa International Animation Festival is North America’s oldest and largest animation festival, featuring the world’s most quirky, provocative and inspiring animation.  The Ottawa International Animation Festival will be hosted online from September 22 – October 3, 2021.