Travel Considerations During Covid-19 

This webpage was last updated: November 2, 2021

As you consider travelling to Carleton for research purposes, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the various aspects involved in research mobility in relation to Covid-19 and all restrictions, rules, and advice from authorities (federal, provincial and municipal). The links below are provided for information purposes only. While we make every effort to offer up-to-date information, it is provided on an “as is” basis.

Covid-19 has increased the risks, costs, and requirements of travel that visiting researchers should prepare for. The global pandemic situation frequently changes and travellers must keep themselves informed of the most up-to-date travel advisories for both their home country and Canada.

All inbound visiting researchers must be fully vaccinated with a Health Canada approved vaccine and attestation of vaccination status will be mandatory. Carleton University has implemented vaccination requirements for campus access and all individuals are required to comply with the University’s mandatory vaccination policyIn order to be granted full access to campus or any in person activity all members of the Carleton community will be required to be fully vaccinated.

Carleton University is required to implement COVID-19 screening self-assessment for all employees (including faculty, contract instructors, staff, teaching/research assistants and postdocs), students and visitors who come to the Carleton campus and enter a university building. For more information, please review cuScreen FAQs.

Host supervisors, along with the visiting researchers, are expected to have emergency plans in place related to Covid-19, including but not limited to, longer than expected stays in Ottawa or early return home by the visiting researcher.

Given that the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing, there are new costs and risks associated with travelling, entering Canada, and conducting research on Carleton campus. Please be aware of and prepared for the following:

  • Visiting researchers must be prepared to follow the requirements by the Canadian Government for travel to and upon arrival in Canada.
  • Housing costs (rental) in Ottawa might have changed and finding housing might take longer than expected.
  • Visiting researchers should have sufficient travel insurance for the entire period that they are in Canada. In addition, they should have funds available in case of an emergency with unexpected expenses.
  • It is recommended that visiting researchers get vaccinated for COVID-19 using one of the vaccines accepted by Health Canada
    • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
    • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
    • AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD COVID-19 vaccine
    • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine – single dose
  • All international visiting researchers to Carleton must apply for entry to Canada to conduct research. Please keep this in mind with respect to information from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and other Canadian government sources, as information may differ depending on one’s immigration status.

Before Coming to Canada

Entry to Canada (Immigration)

Planning Your Trip

Quarantine Information:

Flying to Canada


  • Rent Seeker (off campus)
  • Rentals (off campus)
  • Airbnb (off campus)
  • Sabbaticalhomes (off campus)
  • Carleton Campus Residence (on campus)
  • Holiday Inn & Suites (south of Carleton | temporary)
    • 101 Kanata Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2T 1E6 | 613-271-3057
    • Visiting Scholars might get preferred quarantine rates.
    • Distance to Carleton University campus: 16 minutes by car
  • Ottawa Marriott Hotel (Downtown | temporary)
    • 100 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5R7 | 613-271-3057
    • Visiting Scholars might get preferred quarantine rates.
    • Distance to Carleton University campus: 7 minutes by car

Healthcare Insurance (University Health Insurance Plan – UHIP)

Frequently Asked Vaccine Questions 

Carleton University addresses questions related to Vaccine Information. The following questions are of interest to visiting scholars. For more questions please visit the University’s COVID-19 FAQ page here and the International Student Services COVID-19 FAQ page here.

At Carleton: Protocols during COVID

While in Ottawa