The Centre for Initiatives on Children, Youth and Community (CICYC) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector collaboration among Carleton University faculty members and students, independent researchers, and community leaders and facilitators. Together, we are committed to promoting the wellbeing of Canadian children and youth, through sustainable social development.

We conduct community-centred, applied research; provide advice, consultation, coaching and training; facilitate and support cross-sector partnerships and meaningful community investment; and facilitate organizational and community change. Much of the work of the Centre is grounded in the Values – Structures – Processes (VSP) approach – an evidence-based framework and planning tool that has been used effectively in various initiatives across the country. It provides a set of key questions, identifies potential challenges and helps focus attention on issues and ideas related to successful and sustainable initiatives.

CICYC team members have used the VSP approach to support collaborative and inclusive initiatives that value and respect the contributions, culture, knowledge and skills of those involved. Our focus has been on building authentic relationships based on trust, promoting capacity development in all participants and supporting transformational change in individuals, organizations and institutions.