Collaborative Practice: Being Knowledgeable Strategic and Intentional

Our practical experience and in-depth knowledge of innovative thinking has led us to develop a collaborative practice based on the principles of engagement, relationship building and collaborative action. We have learned along the way that being strategic about the value and benefits of collaboration is very important.  Similarly, successful collaboration requires being intentional about the structures and processes we use to work together.  Using the VSP helps create a level of insight among individuals and groups that can lead to transformational action.  We work hard to support building relationships based on trust and the use of innovative tools and ideas.  Experiential learning, co-mentoring and other creative practices underscore the VSP approach and its inclusive engagement strategies.

Values, Structures, Processes

Our VSP Approach is at the heart of our practice.

Earning and sustaining trust

One of the key building blocks of a healthy collaboration is taking the time to develop relationships built on trust and mutual respect.  Earning trust, however, is only the first step to successful collaboration.  Once established, those involved have to make a conscious decision to maintain these relationships through the way they think, talk and act.  Trust and collaboration have to be nurtured and developed on an ongoing basis.

Investing in knowledge

Being grounded in the latest research and knowledge is important to us. We work hard to identify and incorporate new ideas, tools and strategies so that we can effectively look ahead and anticipate the “next point” in thinking and practice.

Capacity development and continued growth
We believe in continual growth and the development of our team.  As a result, we continually invest in capacity development – both for ourselves, and in our work with others. The spirit of our efforts is captured in our desire to share what we have learned while learning from others along the way. This sentiment is captured in the emphasis we place on mentoring as we recognize, we all have something to offer and learn from one another.