The Nextpoint Initiative

The Nextpoint Initiative: A Forward-looking Collaboration about Social Change

We are very excited to come together in our next phase of collaboration within CICYC. The Nextpoint Initiative brings together our knowledge, expertise and experience in:

Sustainable social development and community engagement

Sustainable development is about our environment, economy and social future together. We focus our work on the social dimensions of sustainable development. We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring that we have safe, healthy and viable communities. With our VSP Tool, community engagement experience and successful collaboration strategies, we bring a unique and effective approach to sustainable social development and community engagement.

Leadership and Capacity Development

Our collective experiences in working together with communities have led us to exciting new insights about collective leadership, capacity development and change processes. Change is fundamentally influenced by how we think, feel, act, and relate to one another. It is about stretching beyond our comfort zones so we can expand our learning and acquire new skills. Collaborative mentorship is one tool we use in our leadership and capacity development activities.  Collaborative mentorship and the use of experiential learning strategies have proven to be a valuable way to engage people, and share ideas and practices that can enhance individual, group and community skill levels.

Multi-sector relationships

Effective social change requires the involvement of communities and non-governmental organizations, governments and businesses. Our model of authentic collaboration emphasizes transformational change at the individual, organizational and sector level. With practical experience and in-depth knowledge based on the work of leading thinkers in this area, we offer leadership, support, and proven practices that promote the development of new approaches to corporate social responsibility, social innovation, business-community partnerships and Aboriginal relations.

The Nextpoint Initiative is committed to looking ahead and anticipating the next point in innovation and collaborative practices.