The Aboriginal High School Mentorship program is an opportunity for Carleton students to work as peer mentors with Aboriginal elementary and high school students in the Ottawa area, through involvement in the classroom, lunchtime or after-school programs and/or cultural clubs. Carleton students mentor weekly at one or more of the following sites: the Odawa Urban Aboriginal Alternative High School, which offers a fully Aboriginal and holistic learning environment; Queen Elizabeth Public School and Rideau High School, which both offer extensive learning opportunities and supports for Aboriginal students; and the Odawa Native Friendship Centre Akwe:go Program for at-risk children and youth.The mentors are role models and academic coaches who assist students with their coursework by offering learning strategies and practical advice. The mentors’ own elementary, high school and post-secondary experiences help them to understand students’ particular situations and bridge the transitions between elementary, high school and post-secondary or career pathways. The positive relationship between mentor and student helps increase confidence, contributes to the achievement of goals, and fosters an understanding about learning and life challenges.

This program is the result of a partnership between the Centre for Initiatives in Education and the Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education (CACE).

Program Goals:

  • Share learning experiences and knowledge
  • Enhance and further develop cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Dispel confusion and false perceptions about post-secondary learning
  • Encourage students to consider different options after high school; to motivate and guide them with what is available
  • Develop leadership, communication and solution-based skills
  • Enable positive role-modelling for Aboriginal youth


Queen Elizabeth Public School

Rideau High School

Odawa Urban Aboriginal Alternative High School

Odawa Native Friendship Centre Akwe:go Program

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