Mission Statement

The Centre for Indigenous Research, Culture, Language and Education (CIRCLE) strives to facilitate the research, and delivery of linguistic and cultural materials of the First Peoples of North America as well as all Canadians. A special focus is on cultural expressions linked with music and language, both for Aboriginal Canadians and other indigenous people.

The Centre’s History

CIRCLE is Centre for Indigenous Research, Culture, Language and Education at Carleton University. CIRCLE originated as the Centre for Aboriginal Education, Research and Culture (CAERC), a centre created in 1993 to serve First Peoples’ communities, students, youth and researchers. In 2003, CIRCLE took its present name as an amalgamation of the academic research operations of CAERC, the Canadian Musical Heritage Society and other Organized Research Units, including the Centre for Canadian Cultures and Heritages and the Centre for First Peoples’ Music and Research. The projects CIRCLE pursues often build on accomplishments achieved through the research of these organizations during the past 30 years. CIRCLE works in close collaboration with First Peoples’ communities and likeminded organizations such as BlackCherry Digital Media, Inc., Pinegrove Productions, Carleton’s Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education (CACE) and others. CACE, which focuses on Indigenous student recruitment, retention, support and services is part of Carleton’s Equity Services and also originated with CAERC.

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