We have listed some common FAQs below to address your concerns (last updated April 16, 2020)


How will my summer 2020 job search be affected by the COVID-19 situation?

Co-op is still posting jobs and coordinating interviews. Interviews may be conducted by phone, or online via videoconference e.g. Skype.

As with any labour market downturn, there has been an impact on the number of jobs available this summer. Our office remains open and will work with you to continue applying for posted opportunities for this summer. We recommend that you continue your job search through the Co-op portal as well as through self-developed means.

 If, despite sufficient effort, you are unable to find your final required work term for the co-op designation this summer, please contact your co-op student advisor to discuss your options.

What could count as a co-op work term?

The co-op program is adopting a flexible approach to approving co-op work terms for the summer 2020 term. Our points of flexibility include:

  • Work from home arrangements will be permitted
  • At this point, out-of-province work terms are permitted
  • International work terms will not be permitted
  • Duration of 10 weeks to 16 weeks
  • Hours per week of 28 to 40 hours

Please note that the above are guidelines. The co-op office is operating with a high degree of flexibility regarding approval of co-op work terms. If you have a self-developed opportunity which you would like to present for approval as a co-op term, but which does not meet these guidelines, please discuss with your Co-op Student Advisor.

I accepted an offer earlier this term. But my employer has now said they may not be able to hire me after all, or have put my position on hold.

Please contact your Co-op Student Advisor to discuss next steps. If the flexible arrangements described above are acceptable to you, you may suggest them to your employer. If your work term has been delayed or put on hold, we highly recommend that you remain in regular contact with your employer and create a backup plan.

What if my summer job is cancelled?

If your summer job is cancelled, please speak with your Co-op Student Advisor about next steps. You will be granted access to the co-op job portal in order to continue your search, and should resume your self-directed job search.

If you decide not to pursue a summer work term, please submit the relevant Co-op Form via mySuccess, or speak with your Co-op Student Advisor.

Should I have a backup plan?

Given the ambiguity of the current situation, we recommend creating a backup plan which may include registering for courses. If your summer co-op work term has been delayed or put on hold, you may register for early summer term courses as a back-up plan. Please be prepared to adjust your course registration should your work term start before the end of the early summer term. If your start date is after the financial drop date (May 22), it may be possible for you to obtain your employer’s support to complete up to two courses during the remainder of the early summer term.

All students who have secured a summer work term may register for only .5 credits for the late summer term. Since a co-op work term should begin by the end of June, you will have time to adjust your late summer registration accordingly.

I’m getting discouraged – maybe I will just withdraw from co-op entirely.

Although challenging, labour market fluctuations are normal and temporary. While we cannot predict the duration of the current disruption, withdrawing from co-op is not always the only option. Depending on your unique situation you may be in a position to postpone your work term or change your work-study pattern. Please reach out to your Co-op Student Advisor to discuss options.

 If you are struggling, you can learn more about the mental health supports available to you at Health and Counselling Services.

m an international student, and Im worried that my work permit application or extension will be delayed. Do you have any advice?

Consult the International Student Services Office for work permit guidance.

How will the SAT/UNSAT compassionate grading system affect my co-op eligibility?

Student eligibility for participation in the Co-op Program will be assessed based on the co-op requirements including SAT/UNS by degree program as outlined in the undergraduate calendar.  As per the University’s policy on Flexible and Compassionate Grading Options (SAT/UNS) for Students, the Co-operative Education Program will complete eligibility assessments based only on grades that are reflected in the student’s CGPA.