Student FAQ (last updated September 13, 2021)

Vaccination and your co-op work term

I’m working remotely on my Co-op term. Does the vaccination policy apply to me?

Yes, you must submit your attestation and vaccination documents via cuScreen, even if you are working remotely on your co-op work term. All Carleton co-op students on work terms are required to follow the vaccination policy.

I’m working in another country/province. Does the vaccination policy apply to me?

Yes, you must submit your attestation and vaccination documents via cuScreen, even if you are working in another country or province. All Carleton co-op students on work terms are required to follow the vaccination policy.

Will Carleton Co-op share my vaccination status with anyone?

No. Carleton Co-op does not have access to your vaccination information. See the cuScreen Privacy page for further information.

Do I need to complete the cuScreen self-assessment tool before I report to work if it is off-campus?

No. You are required to complete the cuScreen self-assessment tool only when coming to campus, or when participating in off-campus in-person Carleton-organized activities.

I’m having difficulty with cuScreen, or I have more questions about the vaccine policy.

Contact for questions specific to cuScreen or the vaccination policy. For questions about your co-op work term, please contact the co-op office.

FAQ’s regarding the job search

Will interviews be held in-person or virtually?
Interviews are currently being held virtually, either by phone or video conference.

I am currently in Canada and would like to complete a work term in another country. Is this permitted?
All outgoing in-person international experiential learning opportunities, such as international internships, co-op placements, etc. will not proceed in the summer 2021 term. Please find updated information about COVID-19 on Carleton’s COVID-19 website.

I am an international student and am currently outside of Canada. How does this affect my co-op job search?
It is recommended that students are up front about their current location on their applications and during interviews. It is suggested that you ask employers questions about the logistics of returning to Canada for a work term as this process could impact your start date or eligibility for the job. For more information about returning to Canada please visit the ISSO’s website.

Students also have the option of searching for a co-op work term in their home country through a self-directed job search. For more information, please connect with your Co-op Student Advisor.

What is the job market like, in these COVID-19 conditions?
The job market is certainly more challenging, with fewer job postings available than in previous years. Co-op advises you to be as flexible as possible when deciding to apply for jobs. We highly recommend creating a backup plan which may include registering for courses.

I’m getting discouraged – should I withdraw from co-op entirely?
This is indeed a very challenging situation which may be causing you extra stress. Although challenging, labour market fluctuations are normal and temporary. Withdrawing from co-op is not always the only option. Please reach out to your Co-op Student Advisor to discuss options.

You can learn more about the mental health supports available to you at Health and Counselling Services

How do I get in touch with my Co-op Student Advisor?
The best way to reach out to your Co-op Student Advisor at this time is via email; your advisor will respond as quickly as possible, depending on volume of requests. Bookable appointment times have replaced drop-in hours.

Are there questions about COVID-19 that I should ask during an interview?
Co-op job postings on mySuccess now indicate whether a job involves in-person or remote work. Keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly, and the employer’s work arrangements may change accordingly. You may wish to consider asking some of the following questions related to COVID-19 during your interview:

General questions:

Does this position involve working from home and if so, do you anticipate that the successful candidate will work from home for the entire work term?

Is it possible that I could be asked to come into the workplace during the term?

If the position starts remotely, but things change, how will the employer make the decision that it’s safe to work onsite again?

How will changes be communicated to staff, and how much notice will be provided?

Remote work questions:

What does the onboarding and training process look like for remote workers?

Is there specific equipment that is needed and is this provided?

Which programs and tools are used to communicate and work with others?

If you are currently outside of Canada, is it possible to complete the work term from your current location?

In-person work:

What safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all staff?

If an employee shows signs or tests positive for COVID-19 what measures are put in place to protect staff?

Is it possible that the position could be changed to working remotely or put on hold if the COVID-19 pandemic worsens?

If you are outside of Canada, what are the considerations and logistics of returning to Canada to complete this work term? Does this affect the start date?

FAQs regarding the work term:

Will co-op positions be in-person or virtual?
While many positions have the option for students to work remotely some will require in-person work. Please read the job description carefully before applying to a position and consider asking specific questions about the nature of the work during your interview.

Is it possible that my employer could require me to come into the office?
It is possible that your employer may look to have employees return to the workplace. Ideally, you should receive notice about this change and have the opportunity to discuss this with your supervisor. You are also able to connect with your Co-op Student Advisor should you have any questions or concerns.

What questions should I ask my employer before starting to work in-person?

What safety protocols have been put in place to ensure that all public health guidelines are being followed?

Do I have the option of working remotely if I’m not comfortable with working onsite?

What do I do if I become ill or am exposed to someone with symptoms or who tests positive for COVID-19?

Who is the lead person regarding COVID-19 protocols in my workplace?

What if there is a COVID-19 case on my worksite?
Please inform your Co-op Student Advisor and follow the advice of Ottawa Public Health. Your health is of primary importance.