The Carleton University Co-operative Education office is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy work environment for our students to undertake their Co-op work term(s), where the dignity and worth of all employees is respected.

Your health and safety in the workplace is related to both your physical and mental well-being. It is important for you to know that you have a legal right not to be harassed, discriminated against, or unfairly treated in your workplace.

According to Carleton University’s Human Rights Policy and Procedures:

Actions by Individuals who are not Members of the University Community (Part 1 General section #20)

Students in co-op placements, exchanges, internships or other work/study placements are also protected from discrimination, harassment, and misconduct. The University is committed to providing counselling and educational support as required for students who experience such violations, assisting them in making complaints to the Ontario Human Rights Commission or other appropriate bodies, and may take such other actions against the external placement provider as it deems appropriate.

Reporting Responsibilities

Everyone has a responsibility to take steps to ensure that the workplace is free from workplace discrimination and harassment by:

  • refraining from any form of workplace discrimination, harassment and/or bullying;
  • bringing forward any concern or complaint regarding any incident of apparent workplace discrimination, harassment and/or bullying, or any incident of retaliation against any person for invoking a concern or complaint; and
  • co-operating in the investigation and handling of any incident(s) of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying.

Should you experience any discrimination, harassment and/or bullying of any form while in the workplace, there are free and confidential services on-campus that are available to support you. Please consult:

  • Your Student Advisor or any representative from the Co-op Office
    Co-operative Education Office
    1400 CTTC Building
    Main Line: 613-520-4331