Photo of Kathleen Van Benthem

Kathleen Van Benthem

Fall 2021: CGSC 2002A

Degrees:Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Carleton University in 2015 and a Masters of Health Studies degree in 2003

Dr. Kathleen Van Benthem is a Senior Research Scientist at the ACE Lab and an Adjunct Research Professor at the Department of Cognitive Science. Her research involves the study of cognitive health and older pilot risk.

She uses full-scale and virtual reality flight simulators to collect pilot performance data. She has also developed an online method for conducting research on pilot cognitive health. Her research on predicting pilot risk includes developing statistical models and artificial intelligence approaches that include a variety of individual and system factors.

In addition to research on pilot cognitive health, Dr. Van Benthem has developed a suite of research methods that capture biometric measures, such as electroencephalography (EEG) and heart rate variability, to investigate how mental workload can be evaluated on a moment-by-moment basis using brain-computer interfaces.

Dr. Van Benthem’s background includes work in older driver safety from a researcher, policy and standards, and occupational therapy viewpoint.  She also enjoys teaching at the Department of Cognitive Science at Carleton University.