The Common Approach to Impact Measurement is a community of non profits, social purpose organizations (SPOs), grant makers, investors and academics building a better way to measure social impact.

  • The common approach will cut down on paperwork and data entry.
    Aligning data opens time and headspace for creating impact. Read what nonprofits and social purpose organizations told us that inspired this work.
  • The common approach will never impose indicators or metrics on any organization.
    It must be flexible enough that each organization can measure impact in a way that makes sense for it. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it is actually best practice. Research that shows uniformity kills standards. Effective standards are bendy, and the common approach will be bendy.
  • The common approach needs you on board.
    Research shows that successful standards are not documents; they are communities of people that agree to work together – and keep working together – to bring their work into alignment for mutual benefit. More than a way of measuring, the common approach is a community.

Common Approach Synopsis Videos

To view a quick synopsis of the Common Approach project in short video clips, view our vimeo page!

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