The Network of Centres of Excellence will be the home for the Common Approach

  • A place for displaying and storing learning and knowledge – walls and bookshelves
  • A location where newcomers know how to find us and be welcomed
  • A space in which “we” can communicate, learn and grow – it’s the kitchen table

The Centres of Excellence will have thematic and geographic areas of expertise. The constellation structure will improve access to the Centres of Excellence by social purpose organizations across Canada.

Initially, the secretariat will be at Carleton Universities Centre for Community Innovation. This will graduate into a constellation structure governance once budgets and operational plans are in place. This process will be led by Pillar Nonprofit Network.

Our consortium will test the constellation structure as part of our pilot, but we will hold back from “launching” the Centres of Excellence as we understand a full launch to be beyond the remit of the project.