The Common Foundations are five essential practices for effective impact measurement. They are:

  • Plan your intended change
  • Use performance measures
  • Collect useful information
  • Gauge performance and impact
  • Report on results

Building on good work already underway:

  • The social purpose community has too many different impact measurement resources. We will focus on using resources to highlight the commonality across them. It will be part of S4Es integrated suite of instruments to advance a common measurement.
  • We know that successful standards build on widely adopted practices. By articulating the common process, we are simply defining and celebrating the good work that many social purpose organizations are already doing.

The Common Foundations of Impact Measurement

The Common Foundations of Impact Measurement Official Document

Les bases communes de la mesure d’Impact

Common Foundations Webinar- PowerPoint Slides

Common Foundations Partners

The Common Process is being led by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network, in partnership with the Social Purpose Ecosystem resource directory and self-assessment process.