The Data Centre will be comprised of a single data standard deployed by multiple data solution providers.

The data standard, under development by coalition partner Mark Fox at the University of Toronto, allows data to be shared, aggregated and compared. Multiple data solution providers, called data platforms, will create different ways for social purpose organizations to access the data centre. The two data platforms on the pilot are CSI’s Impact Dashboard and Sametrica. Links to both data platforms are below.

The open standard will foster a vibrant market and expand access to more Canadian social purpose organizations. It will also lead to national expansion by new data providers joining and existing ones expanding.

Data Standards

The University of Toronto’s Centre for Social Services Engineering, in collaboration with the Common Approach to Impact Measurement project, has released four publications for the Common Approach Ontologies.

November 15, 2019

Representing Theories of Change Using the Common Approach Ontologies

CACO: Common Approach Core Ontology for Modelling Theories of Change

CAFO: Common Approach Foundation Ontology

Common Approach Indicator Vocabulary and Repository


Data Standards Webinar PowerPoint Slides

Data platforms

CSI Impact Dashboard