What’s in it for you?

Measure useful. Report easy.

Track and share your impact. Position your company for impact investments, gain new value-driven customers, report easily to your Board or funder. The Common Approach to Impact Measurement project will allow you to measure what’s useful to you and communicate to funders in a way that is useful to them. Customized to your company, and designed for your stakeholders.

What Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) Tell Us

SPOs said Response
“Please no! Not another impact measurement approach! We don’t need more tools or guidance.” Common Approach focuses on the “common foundations” of existing approaches, rather than create something new.
“… There are all these reports for different funders. How do you satisfy what everybody needs without spending your entire life gathering a bunch of data that might not necessarily be all that useful to you?” Common Approach common framework for impact is a new innovative system that will let social purpose organizations measure once and report the same measures to everyone.
Make it simple! We’re trying. We need you to check out our prototypes and tell us if we hit the mark. Sign up to try it out!

Social Purpose Organization Advisory Board

Announcement of the SPO Advisory Board

Consultations by the Task Force

Consultations by the task force- ENGLISH

Consultations by the task force- FRENCH

Consultations During the Road Show

Consultations during the road show- ENGLISH

Consultations during the road show- FRENCH