Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

Student Workshop on Participatory Action Research

October 18, 2018 — October 20, 2018

Location:Creative Practices Centre (UofO), 451 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1H 5A4, Canada
Cost:$350 - $420 depending on registration category

Meaningful public engagement in the development of priorities, policies, programmes and services is a critical challenge in today’s democracies. This applies to settings involving vulnerable or marginalized communities, the general public and the workplace. For students and researchers the challenge extends as well to the creation of knowledge “with” people and not “on” or “for” people. The workshop ‘Participatory Action Research’ introduces students and faculty to recent developments in participatory action research (PAR), a well-documented tradition of collective reasoning and evidence-based learning for social change. It weaves together concepts, tools and process design insights needed to advance authentic dialogue and sound inquiry among people committed to making a difference.

The three-day agenda is organized into four modules: Exploring problems; Knowing the actors; Assessing options; Research and Event Design. In each module participants learn practical tools that can be adapted to any sector for up-stream needs analysis, mid-stream monitoring and course correction and down-stream assessment of social change. The workshop includes uses of digital tools. Learning is practiced in the context of participant projects and knowledge, making it possible to do real work while learning new skills.

See example tools in the free download of “The Handbook of Participatory Action Research, Planning, and Evaluation”. This is a collection of practical tools and methods of new ways to make sense of the world with people, through efforts to transform it. The site also contains details on the background and lead instructor from Carleton University (Daniel Buckles).