The Chinese Cultural Club host different cultural and art workshops every week at Carleton University.  Events we currently offer include:

We are also planning future activities such as: Chinese instruments, Chinese song, Chinese poetry, Chinese chess, tea, food and Taiji (Tai Chi).

All workshops are FREE and open to students, faculty members and the general public.  Join us to experience and explore Chinese culture and share different cultural experiences.  But remember, space is limited so be sure to RSVP to confirm your attendance.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

Workshop Descriptions

Music & Movies

If you are a big C-pop fan and Chinese drama/movie fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this great opportunities to enjoy all these things you like. If you find learning Chinese hard and boring, it means you need to learn and practice it in a fun way. In each section of music and movie workshop, we will show you different styles of Chinese music from C-pop to traditional Chinese folk song, teach you the lyrics and the story behind. We will also play you clips from the most popular Chinese dramas and movies, and discuss about it together. You can come to practice Chinese with us in a very relaxing atmosphere, or you can just come and have fun.

Paper Cutting & Origami

Paper Cutting and Origami workshop gather people who love handcraft together. You will be learning how to do Chinese paper cutting gradually. At the same time, make friends and do origami together. Use your own sense of art to create a final piece at the end of semester. Let’s surprise each other!

Chinese Calligraphy & Painting

Chinese calligraphy and painting workshop will introduce you to Chinese writing and painting. You will be taught how to use Chinese brush pen. You will be able to create your own art piece with the help of our instructor.