The Ottawa Transpacific Orchestra (OTPO) aims to blend the unique and enchanting sounds of traditional Chinese instruments with musical idioms from the Western jazz, pop and classical traditions. This group of young musicians explores new sonic landscapes, techniques, and modes of creative performance by planting themselves in a unique environment that encourages learning through first-hand experience. The OTPO is a student and alumni-run world fusion music ensemble supported by the Confucius Institute at Carleton University in collaboration with the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The OTPO celebrates Canada’s diversity through cross-cultural collaboration.

The OTPO proudly features its own core members:

Jams Arif | arranger, xiao, trombone, percussion, etc.

Dennis Bass | xiao, saxophone, flute, etc.

Matthew R. Devost | director, arranger, zhongruan, etc.

Rebecca Eagle | guzheng, voice, percussion, etc.

Jessie Fleet | harp, guzheng

Dr. John Higney | liuqin, pipa, lute, etc.

Yaling Hu | voice, pipa

Angelo Leo | zhongruan, percussion, etc.

Branden Steele | double bass

Kelly Tang | erhu, violin