Learn how to enhance your communication across multiple digital platforms such as email and messaging apps and be able to target your organization’s messages effectively through paid advertising on search engines and through a variety of social media channels.

The majority of your professional interactions today begin with some form of digital or social media channel. Whether this is through a visit to your website, a social media channel, a response to an email, or a search engine inquiry, you need to ensure that you are communicating your message effectively.

The Digital Communication & Advertising Seminar focuses on ensuring that participants are able to engage their audience. Participants will learn how to improve the perception of digital deployments, and how to use both free and paid digital advertising opportunities to communicate messages effectively to a selected target audience. A number of channels are explored in conjunction with the individual organizations strategy and target audience, to determine which channels and techniques should be used to optimize communication and provide the highest return-on-investment.

Participants are asked to complete questionnaires in advance of and during the seminar, to provide information on their organization’s current communication efforts. This information will be assessed and individual guidance will be provided to each participant regarding the advertising and communication channels that best suits their organizations goals and objectives. Participants will also have the opportunity to take advantage of special vouchers to test run actual campaigns on select channels.

This seminar covers the fundamentals in digital communication including how to:

  • Optimize email communication
  • Create the foundation for paid advertising campaigns through Google and Bing
  • Use Google Tag Manager to provide you with the data needed for effective retargeting of potential clients who visit your website
  • Target paid messages through search advertising on both Google and Bing search networks
  • Use advanced Google AdWords advertising through mobile, video and shopping campaigns
  • Capitalize on the targeting capabilities of core social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to deploy promoted posts, pay-per-click, and pay-per-conversion advertising programs
  • Advertise on popular visual social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube
  • Best use messaging channels and apps to engage your audience through effective, bi-directional communication

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