The Learning in Retirement program at Carleton University provides an opportunity for semi-retired and retired individuals to learn for personal satisfaction while participating in a community of life-long learners who enjoy acquiring knowledge about new topics, discussing issues of common interests, and sharing life-stories.

Regardless of your education background or interests, Learning in Retirement offers affordable and intellectually stimulating non-credit classes on a wide variety of subjects.

  •   Explore thought-provoking subjects through lectures and discussions in an inviting and collaborative environment.
  •   Lecture series and workshops are taught by specialists and experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.
  •   There are no prerequisites and no exams. Anyone interested can participate, regardless of previous knowledge.
  •   Classes are typically two hours each held once a week for six consecutive weeks. Most classes are held on campus.

Rediscover learning with Carleton University’s Learning in Retirement program!

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