Earn your Canadian Risk Management (CRM) Designation at Sprott!

The Professional Certificate in Risk Management is designed for individuals whose jobs involve the management of risk and the implementation of strategies to mitigate risk.

Upon completion of all three courses, you will be qualified to apply for the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation. The CRM designation has become a qualification requirement for some federal government jobs. In addition, many private organizations also look for CRMs to manage risk in their organizations.

The Professional Certificate in Risk Management is for:

  • Managers and senior managers who need to understand risk concepts in detail to design risk strategies for their organization.
  • Executives and board members who want to have in-depth comprehension to steer the development of organizational risk management policy.
  • Individuals who want to act as an independent risk management consultant.
  • Managers who want to learn how to protect their organization against liability, property, personnel or net income risks.
  • Supervisors, managers and project officers who are responsible to manage, control and protect an organization’s corporate and financial assets will be interested in learning how to use risk control and risk financing techniques to achieve success in their role.

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