The Summer Institute of Language and Culture is the result of collaboration between several groups on campus interested in bringing to life a vision of experiential language learning that focuses on the needs of highly-motivated learners in the National Capital Region.

Rich in linguistic content, dynamically engaging, and supplemented with compelling cultural realia, our courses are focused but fun, and are offered in a university environment by professionals for whom language teaching is a passion. Courses are short term and intensive, and require concentrated commitment from participants.

What we offer:

Conversation courses for language maintenance

Did you spend time and energy learning a foreign language only to find that you have no occasion or opportunity to use it on a regular basis? Avoid the frustrating experience of losing your language through disuse by taking one of our engaging conversation classes with people just like you.   Discuss current events, share cultural experiences, and immerse yourself in the target language, if only for a few hours a week, with the support of an enthusiastic and dynamic conversation group leader who is also a language teaching professional.

Travel preparation courses

Do you find the standard travel guides lacking? Do their glossaries and “useful phrases” – or even full phrase books – seem a little thin and disconnected from the real world? You’re not alone. Join other fellow future travellers and an experienced language professional and bring that language to life!  Use those “useful phrases” in context (and hear how they’re supposed to sound), present (and hear presentations on) specific destinations of interest, and become more comfortable with the language and culture into which you are about to immerse yourself.

Culture courses

Do you want to know more about the culture(s) associated with your language of interest? Ancient or contemporary, mainstream or off the beaten track, learn more through an exploration of film, art, music, history, politics, and more, from an expert who is also a language teaching professional.

For-Credit language courses through the School of Linguistics and Language Studies, French, or the College of Humanities

In addition to our “not for credit” offerings, the University’s credit language courses are also open to Special Students from off campus.  These courses have a reputation for excellence and are taught by highly educated and experienced language teaching professionals who understand that language is learned by using it for real communication in meaningful contexts.

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