The students listed in the links below have been awarded degrees by the Senate of Carleton University in Spring 2017.

Click here to view students that were awarded degrees in Winter 2017.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Master of Applied Science

Prem Anand Aerospace Engineering
Kirk Hovell Aerospace Engineering
Wael Khaddage Aerospace Engineering
Nicholas Robert Tepylo Aerospace Engineering
Madison Cohen-McFarlane Biomedical Engineering
Alicia Gal Biomedical Engineering
Nadine Vautour Biomedical Engineering
Xi Cheng Civil Engineering
Isaac Anim Kwaffo Civil Engineering
Manuel Augustin Sanchez Sardon Civil Engineering
Nicholas John MacDonell Laughton Electrical and Computer Engineering
Abdulhak Nagy Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scott Alexander Stewart Electrical and Computer Engineering
Qi Sun Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ze Yan Environmental Engineering
Mustafa Arda Aydin Human-Computer Interaction Engineering
Xudong Li Human-Computer Interaction Engineering
Brock Paul Conley Mechanical Engineering
Christiane Céline Courtemanche Mechanical Engineering
Amy Melina Jefferson Mechanical Engineering
Kun Zhuang Mechanical Engineering
Briana Paige Kemery Sustainable Energy Engineering
Melissa Matis Sustainable Energy Engineering
S M Monzur Murshed Technology Innovation Management Engineering

Master of Architectural Studies

David Gikaru

Master of Architecture

Master of Architecture Oluwadamilola Akinbode
Master of Architecture Julie An
Master of Architecture Andre Carvalho Assis
Master of Architecture Anne Camille Baello
Master of Architecture Megan Marcella Baker
Master of Architecture Taylor Martin Highet Balodis
Master of Architecture Alexandra Blanchet
Master of Architecture Matina-Irini Cavayas
Master of Architecture Gregory Culos
Master of Architecture Michèle Curtis
Master of Architecture Gabriella Justina Douglas
Master of Architecture Samuel Dubois
Master of Architecture Zeynep Ekim
Master of Architecture Carolyn Joan Gillespie
Master of Architecture Gandhi Habash
Master of Architecture Matthew Lee Hagen
Master of Architecture Jason Hiebert
Master of Architecture Nicole Howell
Master of Architecture Tella Irani Shemirani
Master of Architecture Andrej Iwanski
Master of Architecture Kristine Kim
Master of Architecture Courtney Gabrielle Klein
Master of Architecture Macy Alexandra LaPorte
Master of Architecture Jean Olivier Larocque
Master of Architecture Matthew Christopher Lerch
Master of Architecture Hillary Anne Little
Master of Architecture Kamila Lukus
Master of Architecture Jeniffer Milburn
Master of Architecture Atena Mirshahi
Master of Architecture Tapiwa Chipo Molife
Master of Architecture Hannah Munroe
Master of Architecture Álvaro Jonathan O. Medina
Master of Architecture Adam Philippe Paquette
Master of Architecture Cristina Ranalli
Master of Architecture Wendy Richards
Master of Architecture Rebecca Grace Sferlazza
Master of Architecture Caroline Steranka
Master of Architecture Michael John Bernard Stock
Master of Architecture Evan Oliver Taylor
Master of Architecture Ryan Thorne
Master of Architecture Timothy Tsz King To
Master of Architecture Gillian Walczak
Master of Architecture Lysander Zimmerman

Master of Arts

Dhieu Ajang Economics
Temitope Yewande Akashoro Economics
Zheng Bian Economics
Ramandeep Brar Economics
Christopher Cheng Economics
Christopher Collins Economics
Robert Embree Economics
George Flerovsky Economics
Yao Gu Economics
Jing Han Economics
Xin Liu Economics
Michael Roland Machum Economics
David Joseph Mayer Economics
Margot McComb Economics
Scott McNeil Economics
Amanda Mirizzi Economics
Hanif Pabani Economics
Lei Pang Economics
Jennifer Clare Paulenko Economics
Shaowei Pu Economics
Sepideh Taherkhani Economics
Genevieve Vallee Economics
Zhuoran Wang Economics
Owen Matthew Woodger Economics
Chengfeng Xu Economics
Zihan Xu Economics
Siqi Yu Economics
Michael Ofosu Anim Political Economy
Charlotte Caza Political Economy
Sean Ian Green Colby Political Economy
Garrett Halas Political Economy
Theo James William Hug Political Economy
Nadia Ibrahim Political Economy
Madeleine Nadeau Political Economy
Diane Abounehme Political Science
Leila Nassetou Bamba Political Science
Lana Lee Borenstein Political Science
Benjamin Gilbert Bouwer Political Science
David Castillo Perez Political Science
Marcus Charlesworth Political Science
Rachel Delaat Political Science
Roselyn Fernandes Political Science
Betel Maria Hailu Political Science
Fawn Leslie Political Science
Christopher Melsted Political Science
Scott Nordlund Political Science
Benjamin Luke Woodfinden Political Science
Alicia Anne Hearns Communication
Julie Pasho Communication
Emma Stetson Communication
Nataliya Usyukova Communication
Madison Williams Communication
Milena Gligorovic European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Morgan Lenihan European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Ian Litschko European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Kristina Pandek European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Varvara Shmygalova European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Daniel James Stefanik European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Alice Valsecchi European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Michelle Paige Adams International Affairs
Shadtha Ali International Affairs
Zeinab Ali International Affairs
Amy Antonini International Affairs
Gregory Douglas Archibald International Affairs
Norhan Hassan Anwar Hussein AwadAllah International Affairs
Susanna Beaudin International Affairs
Lisanne Maria Belanger International Affairs
Alexandria Catherine Boyd International Affairs
Marie-France Boyer International Affairs
Ashley Boyes International Affairs
Paige Burnham International Affairs
Maria Adelaida Cadavid Cadavid International Affairs
Sandy Yu Tien Chu International Affairs
Tracey Corner International Affairs
Philip Alexander De Grasse International Affairs
Krista Semak Dillon International Affairs
Ehren Jonathon Edwards International Affairs
Eilish Elliott International Affairs
Kendra Jean Eyben International Affairs
Genevieve Marie Elizabeth Fauteux International Affairs
Laura Maureen Fifield International Affairs
Alex Finlayson International Affairs
Lea Garai International Affairs
Stefanie Anna Haefele International Affairs
Chloë Hanes International Affairs
William Owen Hartley International Affairs
Tresanna Hassanally International Affairs
Chida Jenmay Henry International Affairs (Co-op)
Benjamin Hildebrand International Affairs
Amy Danielle Hutchinson International Affairs
Caitlyn Rose Forsyth Hyndman International Affairs
Mira Karshan International Affairs
Amanda Kettler International Affairs (Co-op)
William Leurer International Affairs
Bradley William MacKay International Affairs
Cassidy McGraw International Affairs
Deanna Mirlycourtois International Affairs
Melanie Mitchell International Affairs
Maxime Mouton International Affairs
Mary Danielle Mpalirwa International Affairs
Robin Cole Newman-Grigg International Affairs
Matthew Alexander Osika International Affairs
Alysha Pannu International Affairs
Gabriel Paquette Allard International Affairs
Beom-Jun Park International Affairs
Brianne Paulin International Affairs
Aleksandra Pressey International Affairs
Aaron Raymond International Affairs
Catherine Rioux International Affairs
Mohamed Said International Affairs
Sven Daniel Schirmer International Affairs
Erika Marie Schneidereit International Affairs
Chantele Sitaram International Affairs
Carly Smith International Affairs
Leonie Claire Anne van Haeren International Affairs
Thomas Ian Venner International Affairs
Trevor Wilkinson International Affairs
Briana Theresa Yerbury International Affairs
Micaela Zila International Affairs
Melisa Altundag Public Administration
Melanie Book Public Administration
Jarred Chiasson Public Administration
Caitlin Daine Public Administration
Justin D’Alleva Public Administration
Amanda Di Maio Public Administration
Grant Fortier Public Administration
Gowtham Kanthan Public Administration
John Kealey Public Administration
Sun Jae Andy Kim Public Administration
Brennan Peter Timothy Kislinsky Public Administration
Tejas Kittur Public Administration
Jacques X. Lauperr Public Administration
Connor Macdonald Public Administration
Maha Mankal Public Administration
Rashid Nikzad Public Administration
Derrick Pockiak Public Administration
Matthew Elkin Powell Public Administration
Eileen Rathahao Public Administration
Lisa Nicole Rylaarsdam Public Administration
Christine Smith Public Administration
Natasha Tajik Public Administration
Zhanna Vrabets Public Administration
Erin Wray Public Administration
Siyu Xie Public Administration
Erin Ann Yacoback Public Administration
Kevin Brunet Legal Studies
Sarah Elaine Daly Legal Studies
Pamela M. Forward Legal Studies
Jacqueline Dawn Frood Legal Studies
Desiree Anne Hayward Legal Studies
Joshua Mann Legal Studies
Martyna Marie Raskob Legal Studies
Michelle Weldon Legal Studies
Zak Jacques Sustainable Energy
Mary Werre Sustainable Energy
Jacquie Ballantine Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Anton Burinkov Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Brent Campagnola Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Beth Mekitiak Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Joshua Ariel Mover Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Claire Reynolds Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Pablo Rivera-Prentice Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Isaac Rodriguez Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Joshua Alan Romancio Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Tihama Salkini Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Linda Simmonds Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Elena Tokmakova Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Yuwei Zhang Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Sarah Jocelyn Fox Art History
Andrea Mueller Art History
Sharon Lynne Odell Art History
Katherine Patterson Art History
Emily Putnam Art History
Jessica Raymond Art History
Ariadni Athanassiadis Canadian Studies
Marie-Christine Blais Canadian Studies
Elisabeth Mary Boekhoven Canadian Studies
Bradley Darch Canadian Studies
Julie Dobbin Canadian Studies
Krista Gowan Canadian Studies
Michelle Martin Canadian Studies
Nicole Kirk Parsons Canadian Studies
Polina Svadkovskaia English
Julian Chamoun Film Studies
Ashley Gauvin Film Studies
Jia Guo Film Studies
Abonti Mehtaz Film Studies
Frederic St-Hilaire Film Studies
Xinfang Zhang Film Studies
Buerki Plahar French and Francophone Studies
Meredith Comba History – Public History
Ruthanne Edward History
Sara Hollett History – Public History
Phoebe Mannell History – Public History
Sarah Mulvihill History – Public History
Matthew Roderick Devost Music and Culture
Helen Roumeliotis Music and Culture
Daniel Casey Philosophy
Johanna Lisetta Chalupiak Philosophy
Gordon Albert Deinstadt Philosophy
Amy Keating Philosophy
Holly Longair Philosophy
Vikram Panchmatia Philosophy
Ryan Daniel Rafferty Philosophy
Sebastian Rodriguez Duque Philosophy
Shoshana Arielle Stirling Philosophy
Junnan Guan Women’s and Gender Studies
Alexandria Nuttal Women’s and Gender Studies
Fa’Ttima Omran Women’s and Gender Studies
Faith Decontie Anthropology
Zafrin Ahmed Liza Anthropology
Hannah Jasmine Brazeau Psychology
Esther Briner Psychology
Mariya Davydenko Psychology
Alan Gregory Hay Psychology
Noelle Strickland Psychology
Declan Driscoll Sociology
Mira Knox Sociology
Tammy Joanne Mast Sociology
Morgan Anne Rochon Sociology
Zoe Rogers Sociology
Jenna Lee Smith Sociology
Allison Wallis Sociology

Master of Business Administration


Sharmin Akhter
Guizhi Chen
Fen Fang
Areta Gorczakow
Junxia Jia
Mingjin Jia
Shan Jiang
Xiuyan Jin
Jia Li
Xiao Liang
Chenfang Liu
Yun Shang Pan
Yang Pei
Yisu Pu
Hua Shao
Jia Shi
Jingjuan Shi
John Thomas Sloat
Edward Somerville
Li Sun
Hongying Wang
Meijuan Wang
Weibin Wang
Yichen Wang
Ying Wang
David Whitrow
Xuejin Wu
Huizi Wuwei
Yao Xu
Qingsong Yang
Xiaonan Ye
Junjie Yu
Lei Zhang
Shang Zhang
Yidong Zhang
Ang Zhao

Master of Cognitive Science

Josef Addleman
Shiva Bayanati
Natasha Dharshi
Farrah Helwa
Fraydon Karimi

Master of Computer Science

Carlos Alberto Aviles Galarza
Kimberly Ruth Crosbie
Sharrulatha Kathirvel Kasi Chettiar
Duo Lu
Agustín Magrans Rico
Ramin Modarresiyazdi
Steven F. T. Porretta
Ioana Alexandra Steau
Yi Xuan Wang

Master of Design

Nicholas Jewkowicz Industrial Design
Jed Travis Looker Industrial Design
Paul A. Thibaudeau Industrial Design

Master of Engineering

Liguang Kang Aerospace
Vipul Reddy Kolan Aerospace
Aiman Mussina Aerospace
Twinkle Nikam Aerospace
Nicolas St-Amant Aerospace
Sarah Madeline Bruch Clinical
Ahmed Abdelkarim Civil
George Samy Alfy Samy Civil
Muhammad Haseeb Arshad Civil
Ryan Peter Brouwer Civil
Sourabh Chalotra Civil
Arthur Kashope Cox Civil
Francis Benjamin Johann Curran Civil
Pengcheng Ge Civil
Vikrant Nain Civil
Darpit Kanubhai Patel Civil
Manthan Ramani Civil
Matthew Mitchell Shahen Civil
Harini Subbaiah Venkatesh Civil
Saif Ahmed Electrical and Computer
Efetobore Oluwaseun Akpoguma Electrical and Computer
Syed Hasan Arif Electrical and Computer
Rahul Bajaj Electrical and Computer
Ann Blossom Electrical and Computer
Shashanka Chigurupati Electrical and Computer
Bhargav Dhruve Electrical and Computer
Srikanth Dugyala Electrical and Computer
Ryan Richard Stewart Dunmore Electrical and Computer
Tharanga Darshana Sri Ekanayake Electrical and Computer
Fares Ayman Elzoheiry Electrical and Computer
Archit Grover Electrical and Computer
Harleen Kaur Electrical and Computer
Salwinder Kaur Electrical and Computer
Emad ul Islam Khan Electrical and Computer
Shirjil Khan Electrical and Computer
Steven Klickermann Electrical and Computer
Di Liu Electrical and Computer
Tingjun Liu Electrical and Computer
Xuan Liu Electrical and Computer
Deepak Manuja Electrical and Computer
Piyush Bharatbhai Mavani Electrical and Computer
Vipul Mehta Electrical and Computer
Samson Iluobe Ohiobor Electrical and Computer
Dixita Patel Electrical and Computer
Kirtan Bhaskarbhai Patel Electrical and Computer
Tejasvi Vasantkumar Patel Electrical and Computer
Aditya Rajasekaran Electrical and Computer
Ali Rashid Electrical and Computer
Arman Sahota Electrical and Computer
Saijagan Saijagan Electrical and Computer
Aroon Saminathan Electrical and Computer
Shibu Samkutty Electrical and Computer
Muhutareem Siddique Electrical and Computer
Manjot Kaur Sidhu Electrical and Computer
Rajdeep Singh Sidhu Electrical and Computer
Amritpal Singh Electrical and Computer
Harsharan Kaur Sokhi Electrical and Computer
Pranith Kumar Sreeramoju Electrical and Computer
Arjun Srinivas Electrical and Computer
Sameer Sultan Electrical and Computer
Sneha Sriram Thota Electrical and Computer
Naman Pareshkumar Tiwari Electrical and Computer
Abhinav Walia Electrical and Computer
Neelu Walia Electrical and Computer
Yiwen Xia Electrical and Computer
Liheng Zhang Electrical and Computer
Ramandeep Singh . Electrical and Computer
Supreet Kaur Environmental
Elham Lajevardi Environmental
Richard Fetuga Mechanical
Manali Mangesh Jadhav Mechanical
Samuel Jeong Mechanical
Balakumaran Krishnan Mechanical
Kenechi Precious Onyeaghala Mechanical
Kevin Pearce Mechanical
Isaac Prasad Raj Tatineni Mechanical
Sen Wang Mechanical
Farida Sarah Atta Sustainable Energy
Daood Ilyas Sustainable Energy
Rindi Piepers Sustainable Energy
Edward Wladyslaw Urbanski Sustainable Energy
Simon Abushaban Technology Innovation Management
Aida Carolina Alvarenga Castillo Technology Innovation Management
Christian Benjamin Budiman Technology Innovation Management
Brayden Girard Technology Innovation Management
Khurram Haq Technology Innovation Management
Elmira Konkasheva Technology Innovation Management
Sindhuja Meenakshisundaram Technology Innovation Management
Rayed Mohammad Badiuzzaman Technology Innovation Management
Naveen Narayanasamy Technology Innovation Management
Ayodeji Richard Ojebiyi Technology Innovation Management
Benita Onuoha Technology Innovation Management
Max Paultre Technology Innovation Management
Jerome Anthonipillai Peters Technology Innovation Management
Louie Rodriguez Technology Innovation Management
Selman Mohamad Selman Technology Innovation Management
Zeeshan Ahmed Zakaria Technology Innovation Management

Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security

Ellis Agbenyega
Jean Paul Houle
Jaimie Lee Klachan
Elena Kovarsky
Jimmy Phan
Kathleen Ria Reloza
Holly Smith
Sean Tate

Master of Journalism

Mergime Berisha
Nathan Caddell
David Deen
Brea Elford
Cody Mackay
Darren Scott Major
Jean Pierre Niyitanga
Joseph Richard Quesnel
Halima Sogbesan
Spencer Van Dyk

Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

Dorothy Rhea Higginson
Christine A. MacIntosh
Jessica Elaine Mary Slade
Aryana Sye

Master of Political Management

Rachel Gouin
Gregory John Stulen

Master of Science

Jill Brooks Biology
Nikolas Clyde Biology
Trevor Deley Biology
Svetlana Dolgova Biology
Marie-Eve Garon-Labrecque Biology
Andrew Low Biology
James Austin Markell Biology
Brittany Sullivan Biology
Leena Tabaja Biology
Joshua Callahan Chemistry
Emma Leigh Jorgenson Chemistry
McKenzie Rose Smith Chemistry
Sharare Ghafoori Earth Sciences
Sara Elizabeth McPeak Earth Sciences
Neil Prowse Earth Sciences
Mona Ahmad Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Mehreen Anjum Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Morgan Belsek Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Erika Brisson Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Queena Chen Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Sherry Jenna Coles Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Laura Cruise O’Dell Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Natalie Fersht Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Vanessa Handley Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Dania Koudieh Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Alexandra Sarah Marshall Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Hayley Grace De Marsh Miloff Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Fatimah Mirza Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Charles Ozzoude Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Claire Pilon-Robertson Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Natasha Prince Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Keith D. Van Ryswyk Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Makenzie Weekes Health: Science, Technology and Policy
Sahil Agarwal Probability and Statistics
Wasaif Alruwaele Applied Mathematics
Nargiz Babashli Probability and Statistics
Xiang Chen Probability and Statistics
Hani Ghazi El-Assadi Applied Mathematics
Yuan Gao Probability and Statistics
Xiaoqin Gou Probability and Statistics
Yilin He Probability and Statistics
Fangyi Li Probability and Statistics
Christopher Shoniker Probability and Statistics
Olga Vladimirovna Titova Probability and Statistics
Alla Tudykhata Probability and Statistics
Zhuoyu Wang Probability and Statistics
Ying Wu Probability and Statistics
Jiaming Yang Probability and Statistics
Wei Zhang Pure Mathematics
Jing Zheng Probability and Statistics
Mengjie Zhou Probability and Statistics
Ying Zhou Probability and Statistics
Lu Zhu Probability and Statistics
Faisa Omer Neuroscience
Samantha Lynn Santoni Neuroscience
Jill Sophia Rajewicz Geography
Wendy Sladen Geography

Master of Social Work

Mackenzie MacBride Ells
Jennifer Anne Rothney
Hatav Shalileh
Ida Zanon