The students listed in the links below have been awarded degrees by the Senate of Carleton University in May 2019. Click here for the list of degrees awarded in February 2019.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Taghreed Arafat Mohammad Altamimi Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ehsan Amjadian Cognitive Science
Jiyoung An Sociology
Chantal Teodora Bacev-Giles Psychology
Diana Bernadette Beresford-Kroeger Biology
Matthew Cain Canadian Studies
Farah Habib Chanchary Computer Science
John Coleman English
Qi Deng Management
Serge L. Desjardins Civil Engineering
Alok Dua Civil Engineering
Holly Ann Ellingwood Psychology
Amin Esmaeilzadeh Earth Sciences
Chloe Grace Fogarty-Bourget Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
Freya George Earth Sciences
Sara Gholampourkashi Physics
Luciana Girardi Omar Civil Engineering
Megan Elizabeth Graham Anthropology
Omar Hesham Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ramy Kirollos Cognitive Science
Andre Michael Lanctot Management
Joseph Mathew Landry International Affairs
Michael James Lawrence Biology
Elisabeth Leroux Psychology
Meghan Lundrigan History
Andrew MacFie Applied Mathematics
Arash Nourisagharlou Computer Science
Angela Paric Neuroscience
Sophie Potter Biology
Menaka Raguparan Legal Studies
Joshua Redstone Cognitive Science
Héctor Eloy Rivas Sánchez Sociology
Daniel Rosenbloom Public Policy
Graeme Schmidt Aerospace Engineering
Glen Andrew Smith Psychology
Loughlin Tuck Earth Sciences
Santosh Upadhayaya Economics
Kaitlyn Marie Werner Psychology
Susan Midori Yamamoto Psychology
Yinlin Zhang Management